Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stop sending me emails!

As of today, I am decluttering my email inbox. I have 15347 messages! As you can tell, I am not good at deleting messages after I read them. Plus, I receive many emails that I am not interested in getting, but I have never taken the time to unsubscribe to them. I have started this process today. It is not helpful when I unsubscribe to a company's email list and they send me a confirmation email to let me know that they will not send me emails anymore! That gives me more emails to delete!

In other news, I got ALL of our laundry done today! That is a major accomplishment!


Dawn said...

What I hate the most is when I unsubscribe from something and they just keep sending me their junk. As for having lots of stuff in my folders, my carrier at CSU notifies me and warns me when I get too much built up, or they're going to dump me. Keeps me on my toes!

BTW, come on over to the blog and see the photo shoot results.

Dawn said...

Me again - those are my two favorite as well. There was a really ugly old ladder leaning against the fence behind the one of the four girls when she sent them to me. I asked her if she could remove it - turned out she liked it, but I didn't. She did it - she's good.

Megan said...

How did the unsubscribing go? It's time consuming but totally worth it in the end. Companies get carried away with the emails.