Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eventful Evenings

We have had something going on every night this week, including Monday. Zoe had her last home game this past Monday after school. I was planning on going with all of the kids, but Emily wasn't feeling well after school, so we didn't make it to the game. Matt, my Mom, my Grandmother, and Victoria made it to the game, though. Mom came over after the game to watch the kids, so I could go to Zoe's banquet with Matt. The girls each received a certificate and a pin and then they were treated to pizza and cake. That was supposed to be the end of the season, but due to snow, they have their last game on the 31st in Old Town.

Tuesday night, my Mom, my Grandmother, Rachael, and I went to the Relief Society activity. It was so much fun! Tiffany, Jessica, Anne, Rachael, Roxanne, my Grandmother, my Mom, Brittain and I played "Would You Rather". What a hoot! We munched on snacks and laughed and laughed and laughed. It was worth the trip to Ellsworth.

I had an interesting experience after the activity when my Mom dropped me off at our local grocery store where my Yukon was parked. I went into the grocery store to pick up a few things before heading home. As I was walking out to the Yukon, I checked my coat pocket for my keys, but didn't feel them. I then had the thought that they were in the diaper bag, in the Yukon, and I was glad that I didn't lock the Yukon because I would have locked my keys in. Then I immediately realized that I had left the diaper bag in my Mom's car. DANG! I had half a minute left on my phone. I sat in the Yukon and watched the plow truck work around me. I saw the driver talking on his cell phone as I thought about what to do. Let me add that it was 5 degrees outside and very cold in the Yukon! The driver of the plow truck signaled for me to roll down my window since I was in the way of his plowing. I got out of the Yukon and he asked if I would move the Yukon. I told him my dilemma and asked him if he had a cell phone that I could use...which I saw him using. He let me use his phone and I was so glad my Dad answered the phone ( I wasn't sure if he would be home from work yet). My Mom was just pulling into their driveway when I called, so they drove back to the grocery store to bring me my bag that I had forgotten when I was getting my stuff out of my Mom's car. I am grateful that the plow guy was there and that he had a phone for me to use and I was grateful that my Dad answered the phone and my parents were able to get back to me quickly. I was also happy when I got the Yukon started and knew I would warm up soon!

Last night, Zoe, Emily, and I went back to Ellsworth for Cub Scouts and Activity Days. Since being asked to help out with Cub Scouts about a month ago, I have yet to plan and carry out an activity with the boys. The weather kept several of the meetings from happening and last night was a field trip to the police station. I didn't make it through the tour last night because the officer got called away and by the time she got back, it was time for me to take Zoe and Emily over to the church for their activity. There were 2 boys in my group there at the police station for the tour and both of them had a parent with them, so I left the parents in charge.

I finally put up our new Primary bulletin board border last night that I printed off last month and meant to have up before the new year. Now I need to come up with something for inside the border.

I was offered a free oreo McFlurry last night when I went through the drive-thru of McDonald's. Zoe and Emily enjoyed that unexpected treat!

Zoe had her band/chorus concert tonight, so we all went. My Mom, Dad, Grandmother, and Victoria went, too.

Zoe is already showing signs of being a gifted musician. She is seriously thinking about being a music teacher when she grows up. We are proud of you, Zoe!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Packed Full of Fun

This has been one busy Saturday! It started at 5:20am when I brought Matt to Bangor, so he could go on the stake temple bus trip. At 8am, the kids and I left for basketball practices. My Mom watched Kate & Noah and my Dad took Emily to her practice. At noon time, I took Eleanor and Kate to Burger King for lunch (thanks to Christmas gift cards :-)

and then we went to see "Beauty and the Beast" at the Next Generation Theatre.
It was my first time going to this theater. Next time, maybe we will have a light lunch and buy snacks to munch on during the play. I love how they have these tables set up on both sides of the theater. I think we'd be able to see better off to the side and higher up at a table.

We all enjoyed the play. Eleanor said it was the BEST PLAY EVER! Toward the end of the play, Kate was getting tired and wanted to know when it would be over, but when it did end, she was disappointed and wanted the play to go on.

While I was out with Eleanor & Kate, Emily went to Jenny's birthday party from 1-3pm, thanks to my Mom. Then at 3:30, my parents took Zach to the bowling center in Brewer for Harry's birthday party. Zach has been looking forward to this party and he was so excited that today was the day to go! He had a great time bowling, watching Harry open his presents, eating pizza, and eating cake. :-)

I was able to leave the Yukon in Bangor this evening, again thanks to my Mom, so Matt can get home this evening. It is 10:04pm and he should be on his way home now. Noah, who is currently playing on the wii, will be up with me waiting for him. If Noah gets a nap of any length during the day, then he is up late at night. He doesn't like to be in his room when he is wide awake at night, so he hangs out with me until I fall asleep, which is often before he does.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Due to the weather...

my super busy week turned out to be not so busy. My Relief Society meeting on Tuesday night was postponed until next Tuesday. The Cub Scout field trip on Wednesday night was rescheduled for next Wednesday, and the PTO Movie Night that was scheduled for this evening is now going to happen on February 4th.

The one thing that went from not so busy to super busy was my day today due to school being cancelled!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun at the Ice Rink

We actually made it to the ice rink this year when the ice wasn't melting and all bumpy! It was COLD, but I was the only one that cared about that.

I watched Kate carefully as she crawled around on the ice since that is exactly how I got the scar on my eyebrow. I was crawling behind my older sister who was skating and her blade came up and hit me right above the eye.

Saturday Mornings = Basketball

It is that time of year where basketball rules our Saturday mornings. As of last Saturday, Emily has practice from 9-10:15 in Bucksport. In Orland, Zach has practice from 9-10:00, Eleanor has practice from 10:00-11:00, and Zoe has open gym from 11:15-12:15pm. Zoe is also a helper for Zach and Eleanor's practices.

Thanks to the help of my Dad, Emily & Zach are able to practice at the same time in 2 different places!


You are looking great, Grammie!
My niece, Victoria is back at UMaine and back to living with my parents for the semester. :-)

We had a great time Friday night celebrating my grandmother's birthday.

We ate pizza and yummy cake. Some of us had chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and some of us had strawberry cheesecake. So yummy! We watched "Nanny McPhee Returns" when we were done stuffing ourselves. :-)

Matt left before the movie to camp out by himself at Camp Bravo. He wants to camp out every month of the year. We'll join him when it warms up!

More Museum Fun

I love taking Kate & Noah to the Children's Museum to make different crafts and projects. On Friday, Kate made a snowlady

and Noah made a snowman out of clay.

I also love how the kids discover something new every time we go to the Museum. We spent quite a bit of time in the Japanese room playing with Kapla blocks and dressing up.

Usually, Kate & Noah are so busy playing in the truck, diner, and ship nearby this room, that they just pass by it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Go Bucksport!

My Mom offered to watch the kids this evening, so Matt and I could go to Zoe's basketball game ALONE. It was quite delightful. I took the kids to Zoe's game on Tuesday and Zach & Noah spent the entire time pretend sword fighting. It was not relaxing. So, tonight was a treat. Zoe played most of the game and she played well. Her team lost, but they were fun to watch as they put forth their best effort until the very end.

The title of this post comes from Noah cheering "Go Bucksport!" in the middle of Sacrament meeting several months ago. He just may be Zoe's #1 fan.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Lost Tooth

Emily pulled her loose tooth out this evening. She couldn't eat her dinner very well, so she solved the problem.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Lost Tooth, Swimming, & More Sickness

When I mentioned some highlights from last Tuesday, I forgot to mention that Eleanor FINALLY lost her top front tooth that had been barely hanging on for a few weeks. Matt wanted to yank it out for her, but she was having none of that. Eleanor was so happy when the tooth fell out on its own, just the way she wanted it to happen.

I took all of the kids, except Noah, swimming on Saturday. Eleanor passed the deep end test and she was so excited! She went down the big slide and enjoyed being with her older sisters. Zach and Kate put on life jackets and had fun swimming around together in 3 1/2 feet deep water.

Noah is doing well, although he is more sore now that his bandage is mostly off.

Matt was home sick today. He rarely stays home sick, so I know he's really not feeling well when he does stay home. Eleanor stayed home, too, but she wasn't nearly as sick as Matt. Honestly, I don't know if she was sick at all, but with all the sickness going around here, I wasn't going to send her to school when she told me she didn't feel well this morning.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Noah's Surgery

Why are my parents doing this to me???
Noah was such a trooper for his surgery. He didn't cry or whine the entire time we were at the surgery center.

There were actually some fun perks to being at the surgery center, like getting his very own teddy bear, getting to watch cartoons, and getting a new pair of slippers!

Practicing for lights out.

He drove himself into the operating room. He really liked that!

I went in with Noah until he fell asleep. When I put on the yellow gown, sweet Noah exclaimed, "You look like a princess!" Noah was very cooperative and it only took a few minutes of blowing into the mask and watching the balloon get bigger for him to fall asleep. When he woke up, he wanted to know where the balloon was. We sat and cuddled while he drank apple juice and ate Cheerios. He was quite content as he watched "Diego".

He had a few moments of crying and discomfort yesterday, but overall he has been his happy, active self. As long as his diaper is dry and clean, he is happy.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Monday: I take Kate & Noah swimming in the morning. Kate throws up on the couch in the afternoon.

: Zoe insists that she and her siblings should take the bus to school in the morning. I insist on driving them. Kate throws up on herself, her pillow, and the couch right before we leave. I admit that the kids should have taken the bus.
The kids and I watch "Nanny McPhee" in the evening. Noah tells me he needs the throw up bucket and soon after he throws up in it.

: The kids take the bus to school. It is a vomit-free day. :-)

Today: Emily stays home from school because she feels ill at times. We watch "The Never Ending Story". Noah & I build an awesome marble run, which soon after he destroys. Kate cuddles with me and I read books to her. I bring the kids over to my parents' home to spend the night (except for Noah who will be circumcised tomorrow in Portland). I visit with my grandmother and enjoy listening about her past. Matt brings home $$.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Christmas Vacation

We had a good week last week with all of the kids home. It was an exhausting week for me, but it was fun and I didn't hear any complaints from the kids. The first few days of the week after Christmas were spent playing on our new wii and watching shows and movies on our new tv.

On Wednesday, we went to the church for Activity Days where the kids painted t-shirts

and they played. We brought lots of snacks to munch on

and our family stayed most of the day to play in the gym. It was great to get our wiggles out and to get out of the house.

We have a new membership to the Lura Hoit pool, so we went there on Thursday. They have one big slide for the older kids and one purple dinosaur slide for the younger kids. Because of this dinosaur slide, the pool is now the purple dinosaur pool. Kate is always asking to go swimming, so I know she will enjoy this gift the most.

On Friday, we went to the Children's Museum. The kids always have tons of fun there! It was a great start to our New Year's Eve fun.

We all stayed up late to watch "The Karate Kid" (the original version), munch, and play on the wii. Eleanor and Kate fell asleep around 11:00, but the rest of us made it to midnight. We are hoping for a great 2011!

Zoe and Emily spent the day on Saturday with their friends, Caitlin and Cassidy. The younger kids enjoyed the wii to themselves and went outside to play for a bit in the afternoon. It was in the 40's, so a beautiful day to be outside! They have a new sled, so they went to try it out on the sledding path that Matt made in our backyard.

Kate had her first Sunbeam class on Sunday. I taught her class and we had a great time. She learned about being a child of God...which makes her a princess. :-)

My little princess is sick this afternoon. :-(