Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Holy Sabbath

Zoe & Emily stayed over with my parents last night. My Mom called early this morning to let me know that Zoe had thrown up three times during the night. So, Zoe stayed at my parents' house while the rest of us went to church. Matt went to the Brewer ward, so he had a more relaxing morning since they start at eleven. He didn't get home until after four, though. I had a busy church day doing two Sharing Times, but they went well. President and Sister Hutchins visited our branch today. President Hutchins is a counselor in the Mission Presidency. Sister Hutchins is a Primary chorister in their branch, so she helped us out in Primary. I had her lead the music for the junior primary and she played the piano for the senior primary. I loved having her help today! Emily went home with my Mom for a bonus night at my parents' house with Zoe. Zoe is feeling much better after her day of rest. :-)

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