Friday, January 13, 2012

One on One Time

Noah was up before 5 am this morning, so he fell asleep on the way home from dropping the kids off at school. This gave Kate & I time together to play outside in the snow. I have cute pictures of Kate sledding, which I hope to post soon. I need to see if we have a cable that will connect my camera to my Xoom, and if not, then I need to buy one. I will be over at my parents' house tomorrow, so we'll see if I can get the pictures posted from there if I don't succeed with the Xoom.

Noah & I had some time alone this afternoon as we ran a few errands and picked up dinner for the kids. Noah commented on how fun it was to be out with just the two of us. It was fun!

Matt & I went out on date night this evening. We ate dinner at the Harbor View Restaurant for the first time. We went there because they serve breakfast food all day. Well, they used to. The sign we read right before we opened the door announced that they no longer serve breakfast all day. We went in anyway, but our food options were very limited. I would rather travel to Dysarts next time. We wanted to eat in town because we watched the new Mission Impossible movie at the Alamo after we ate. I really enjoyed the movie. It was very intense, though! Matt & I left there exhausted!

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