Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is tomorrow

It is true. Zach said this to me yesterday because on Sunday I said that tomorrow we would find his Nintendo and play outside, so when he woke up Monday morning he exclaimed, "Today is tomorrow!"

I am looking forward to Matt coming to church with our family on Sunday. This past Sunday was the worst Sacrament meeting I have had in a long time and it wasn't just the younger 2.

I love my kids, but it was nice sending Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor back to school yesterday. One of my goals for the day was to find Zach's Nintendo and I found it in his backpack. He was very happy to see it since it has been missing for a few days. Now I need to look for Eleanor's.
My parents bought us another baby swing, so I put it up yesterday and was able to push Zach, Kate, and Noah on the swings. I think it's time that Zach learns how to swing on his own. Kate may learn before he does!
I spent about 10 minutes organizing in the shed yesterday. I haven't done well on my outside/shed goals, but I made some more progress.
Eleanor started another cheerleading/tumbling session yesterday after school. She had fun and she loved saying "Bucks!" at the end with the coach and other girls.
Zach was on the lesson last night for FHE, but he was waking up from our ride to get Eleanor, so we did an activity from the Friend magazine that I had cut out on Sunday. Part of Zoe's homework yesterday was to go outside for 30 minutes, so we played our game outside. We took turns shooting baskets and if we missed then we got a letter to the word baptism. I didn't really keep track of the letters, so we said Emily won since she is the one getting baptized. :-) Matt held Noah and watched. The trouble with going outside for the game is getting the kids back inside for the treat. Since we are going in for a treat, it doesn't take as long as it could, but still!

Today ended up being a laundry day. I still have a load to put away when I get home. The load in the dryer will have to wait until tomorrow. I read "Shanna" in between loads.
Zoe went over to Hailey's house after school. Emily, Eleanor, Zach, and Kate went over to Jenn's after chores and homework. It was so cute to see Kate and Lauren playing together. It will be fun to watch them grow up together.
We picked Zoe up from Hailey's and then dropped her off at softball practice. The rest of us are at my parents' house and the kids are watching "Bolt", thanks to Jenn. On the way over, Eleanor informed me that all of her 9 kids are going to have a swing of their own. Emily informed Eleanor that if she had 9 kids then she wouldn't have money to buy 9 swings. Eleanor was sure that she would. BTW- Zoe is going to have 10 kids, so it looks like my future is going to include lots of grandchildren. :-) Zoe is going to be an author while she is home with her young children and then she will teach when they are all in school. I keep reminding my kids that if they want me to watch their kids for them then they need to live close to me.

Matt is working late tonight.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

April Vacation

Well, April vacation didn't go quite as planned, but we had some good days. The kids and I spent Monday here at my parents' with my mom. She had the day off for Patriots' Day. The kids watched movies and TV and they ate, and ate, and ate. They tend to do that when we are here. My mom and I played a few games of Phase 10. It's nice that Noah is getting old enough to entertain himself and to sit in the high chair and eat so I don't need to nurse him while playing a game now. Most of the time that works out anyway.

Zoe and I had this conversation Monday morning...
Zoe: "Did you always want 6 kids?"
Me: "Well, I started out wanting 8, and then I wanted 5, and I ended up with 6."
Zoe: "I think you should go back to wanting 8. I want more siblings."
Me: "No thank you.
Zoe: "Why not? The pain?"
Me: "Yes, and I'm done with babies."

For FHE, Eleanor was on the lesson, so I got out my FHE idea basket (which could use some simplifying) right before FHE and I found a lesson that was given to us from Kris and her family one year for Christmas. The lesson "I am a Child of God" had an activity idea, so I asked Eleanor if she wanted to do that for her lesson and she said yes. Eleanor would choose someone in our family and then the rest of us would say 1 thing to describe that person. I said that Zoe is smart, Emily is helpful at home and at school, Eleanor is fun, Zach is independent, Noah knows how to crawl, and Matt is handsome. Kate was off playing on her own. I don't remember what everyone said about everyone else, but Zach said that Matt has handsome clothes, Emily started to be negative when she was describing Eleanor, but then she changed her wording to be more positive and said Eleanor likes to be inside when everyone else is outside. Zach said that Noah is cute. Zach has a hard time leaving Noah alone lately. Zach is always hugging or kissing Noah or carrying him around, which is sweet, except it always makes Noah cry. When Zoe described something about me she said, I think you should have 2 more kids. The point of the activity was to remember that we are all different, but we are all children of God and He loves us all. I thought it was a great lesson considering it was very last minute.

On Tuesday, we were supposed to go visit Tasha and her kids in Deer Isle, but Emily woke up sick, so we stayed home. I wasn't sure if Emily had some type of stomach bug or if she ate too much the previous day. The kids watched movies all day and I cleaned. It rained all day. I was cleaning in the bathroom when I heard Emily throwing up in the hallway. I was so thankful she was carrying the throw up bucket because I had blocked the door to the bathroom with the laundry baskets to keep Kate out of the bathroom. Matt said Emily should earn a medal for that one.

I read a book to Kate in the afternoon. Whenever I would point to an animal that she didn't know she would say "mommy". When Kate is hurt or embarrassed and someone asks her if she is okay she'll say, "No, I want mommy!"

My conversation with Eleanor in the evening...
Eleanor: "I can't wait to be a mom. I'm going to marry Nathan!(Dauk) He's nice."
I think Nathan is a great choice. :-)

Everyone was healthy again on Wednesday. It was still rainy outside, so I took the kids to the Children's Museum in the afternoon. I didn't bring a camera because I just wanted to enjoy the kids and not worry about taking pictures. Well, I wished I had my camera when Kate was in the Goodnight Moon room, sitting in a chair with 3 stuffed bears each sitting in a chair and Kate was singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to them. It was such a precious moment! This was the first time for Noah to be able to get down and explore at the museum. The Goodnight Moon room was perfect for him because it wasn't crowded. It's a room for children 5 and under, so it's more peaceful in there. The kids were happy to get out of the house and to be active all afternoon. When we got home, Matt was in the process of putting our pizzas together. Everyone is happy when we have pizza for dinner. :-)

Noah woke up in the middle of the night, but he didn' want to nurse like usual. Then he threw up on me. Matt asked if he spit up or threw up. He threw up, but it was mostly liquid. I got up with him and got out container that I converted into a Noah sized throw up bucket. He threw up in it once and then fell asleep. We went back to bed and slept lightly the rest of the night worrying that Noah was going to throw up on me again. He nursed after he threw up, which made me nervous to feed him, but he went to sleep and didn't throw up again. He did have a fever all day Thursday. Eleanor was also sick on Thursday. She slept most of the day and threw up once. I happened to be in the living room when she was acting like she was going to be sick, so I moved the bucket in front of her. I'm not sure if she would have used the bucket if I hadn't been there. This was another day that our plans were changed because we were supposed to go to Sunshine's so Zoe and Emily could work on their skirts and the other kids could play together. Zoe and Emily were not happy when they found out we were staying home! I held Noah all day while listening to Glenn Beck and reading. In the last week or so, I finished "Lone Survivor", read "Walk 2 moons", and I am now reading "Shanna", which is my mom's favorite book. It was a cloudy day on Thursday, but not raining, so the kids were in and out of the house all day.

Zoe was reading my 2006 blog that is in a binder when she gasped and said to me, "You were married when you married Dad?!"
I froze. Am I really going to have this conversation?
Me: "I was married when I met your Dad."
Zoe: "Wow!...Are you serious?...You mean I could have had a different Dad?"
Emily was listening closely.
Me: "Or a different Mom"
Zoe: "That is so weird! What was the guy's name?"
Me: "Ron"
Zoe: "Is he the one in Grammie's scrapbook that you went to the dance or prom with?"
Me: "Was my dress blue?"
Zoe: "Yes"
Me: "Yes"
Zoe: "Did you marry Ron in the temple?"
Me: "No"
Zoe was shocked! This was the time to remind her why it is so important to find the right guy who will take her to the temple. I made a mistake, but fortunately I have a happy ending. I really didn't think I would have this conversation for a long time...or never.

Zoe had softball practice Thursday evening. I sat in the Yukon and watched her while holding Noah. It was the first time I watched Zoe practice softball. She did very well condering she has very little experience. My parents stayed for most of the practice, so my mom sat with me in the Yukon.

Eleanor felt much better yesterday, but Noah still had a fever and wasn't his active self. The sun came out, so we had our first ice cream of the season at the Dairy Port. Before we got in the Yukon to go to the park, Zoe said her hip hurt and she had a hard time walking. We went to the park and all of the kids got out to play, but Zoe stayed in the Yukon. I told her I would let the kids play for a little while and then we would go home. The kids played for about 10 minutes and then I went to check on Zoe. She was near tears and said she was in a lot of pain. Where she pointed to earlier made me wonder if something was going on with her appendix, but I wasn't sure if it was the right side or not. I rounded up the kids, which was not an easy task, and we headed for the doctor's office, which wasn't far away. I parked and was ready to go into the office when Zoe said she was better. I asked her if she was better because we couldn't afford the doctor's visit or if she was better because she wasn't in pain anymore. She said she felt better, so we headed back to the park. I'm not sure if she just had a cramp or if she was having growing pains or what, but parking in front of the doctor's office seemed to be the miracle cure. If only all the cures were that easy and cheap! A high school baseball game was about to start when we got back to the park, so I watched some of the game while the kids played. The park was crowded with lots of kids who were happy to see the sun and to be outside! The game was called in the 5th inning. I think the score was 15 to 3, Bucksport beating George Stevens Academy. The kids and I went to the grocery store where we ended up getting much more than bread and an Enterprise (the local paper) and we also picked up 3 Redbox movies. We got a Dora movie for the younger kids, "Space Buddies" for all of the kids, and Matt and I watched "Nick and Nora's infinite playlist", which we thought was good.

We had a pattern of healthy day, sick day all week, so we anticipated someone to be sick today, but the pattern has been broken and everyone is healthy. Noah is pretty much back to full health. Kate had a slight fever in the morning, but she has been fine all day. Matt took Zoe, Emily, and Zach fishing this morning. I got my lesson all put together. I love it when I don't have to work on my lesson Saturday evening! My parents and I took the kids to the circus this afternoon. Zoe brought home 5 free tickets from her teacher a few weeks ago, which made it possible to go. Everyone in her class got a ticket and then Mrs. Lalonde gave Zoe some extra tickets, which was so thoughtful of her! We had a great time. The last time we went to the circus was on Emily's 2nd birthday and it wasn't that great. It has improved a lot and I was pleasantly surprised. Eleanor loved the fact that a family was part of the circus and I think she was ready to sign us up. I suppose we could shoot targets or something. There was an act where the announcer said "You'll see it, but you won't believe it." A couple came out and the lady kept changing outfits when she was hidden behind a curtain of sorts, but the changes happened so fast that Eleanor exclaimed, "He's right! I see it, but I don't believe it!" It was amazing and I'm curious how it was done. The kids ate snow cones and cotton candy and collected as many balloons as they could, which kept popping. Noah was cranky through much of the show, but his noise just blended in with the show and crowd. Kate didn't really know what to think of the show, but the older kids really enjoyed it. I think Zach enjoyed eating cotton candy.

My parents came over after the circus and we ate hot dogs with macaroni salad and jello salad. It was nice to feed them for a change. I escaped after dinner to blog. Noah is still cranky, so it hasn't been totally peaceful, though.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19th

Matt went to Bangor for Pushaw's unit conference and the rest of us went to Ellsworth. Zach was a challenge for the first 5 minutes of Sacrament meeting, but after reminding him how good he is when he goes with daddy, he started acting better. Zoe held Noah and I held Kate until after the Sacrament. Then I brought Noah and Kate into the Primary room, so I could feed Noah. Kate wondered around and Noah crawled around when he was done eating and I listened to the talks. I had a small Sunday School class, but it was a good class. We had great discussions about the gifts of the Spirit and President Dauk gave me permission to go 10 minutes over, but I ended only a few minutes past our end time.

FYI: Emily is being baptized on her birthday...which is only 2 weeks away!

Zoe made pancakes for lunch when we got home. I think she used tablespoons instead of teaspoons for the baking soda. There were several comments about the yucky pancakes, but I hadn't tried them yet and I told the kids to stop being rude. Well, after I tried one, I was impressed that the kids ate more than one bite. They were having seconds! I didn't make it past a few bites.

Saturday, April 18th

I finally took Kate to Walmart to have her 2 year picture taken! My mom came with me, which was a big help since she entertained Noah for me. It was an interesting start with the photographer arriving late. She was called in and she doesn't usually work at that studio, so it took her a few minutes to get settled in and find things she needed. She was not happy about being at the different studio and she was quite verbal about it. She did turn out to be kid-friendly, so she worked well with Kate and we got a cute picture. They used to take one picture and give you about 15 seconds to decide if you wanted it or not for the package, but now they take several pictures and let you take as much time as you want to decide which one you want. I like the new way much better. After the first pose was completed, the photographer moved the table Kate was sitting on and when the backgrounds were changing, one of them bumped the table and scared Kate half to death. She was scared to sit on the table again, so we sat her on a stool and then tried to take a picture of her standing, but she wouldn't stand on the block, so we got her to lay on the table. Kate smiled for some cute pictures, but there were a few tears and uncertainty inbetween the shots. When we were done taking pictures, the photographer had a great time making different collages and enhancements with the optional photos on the computer, but it was a waste of everyone's time since I only wanted the package and I am not easily persuaded otherwise, but I humored her. We finally left there an hour after the appointment was supposed to start, having only bought the traditional package. Yay, me!

Matt and the kids worked outside throughout the morning. Matt said that Zoe is a hard worker and that she helped a lot as they moved trees and brush.

Zoe and Emily went to the Alamo theater with Jen, Caitlin, and Cassidy in the afternoon to see "Monsters vs. Aliens". They liked the movie and they enjoyed their afternoon out.

Zach went for a ride on the 4 wheeler with Matt to Camp Cobra to get some rocks (big rocks) and I went for a walk with Kate to Camp Bravo. She only face-planted once. I think we should have a picnic at Camp Bravo sometime this week. It is such a peaceful, beautiful spot! We walked back to the house and I pushed Kate on the swing for awhile before going inside. We need to get another baby swing, so Noah can swing too when I am pushing Kate.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Vacation!

Emily enjoyed her first Activity Days last night. She was so proud that she sewed all by herself. The Activity girls had about an hour and a half to work on their skirts. They'll continue to make them the next time they meet. I brought all of our kids since Matt had to work late, so I stayed outside with Eleanor, Zach, Kate, Noah, Kai, Koa, Jenny, and Douglas. The kids had a great time riding bikes, swinging, eating, and digging in the dirt.

Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor had a half day of school today. They are now on Vacation! It was a beautiful day today, in the 60's, so we went to the park in the afternoon. Matt showed up at the park, which was a pleasant surprise. It was perfect timing since I was in the car feeding Noah. I had left Zoe in charge of Kate and I watched them from the car. The kids had a great time playing with friends from school and they enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. April vacation is always more fun and goes by faster than February vacation.

We had an early dinner before my mom arrived to watch the kids. The kids actually ate tortillas with cheese and sour cream without complaint...very unusual! Kate was so sweet when she said, "Yes, please" when she was asked if she wanted a tortilla.

Matt and I have enjoyed another datenight of watching shows at my parents' home. :-)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

On the road again!

Matt's car is fixed, so I am free to roam again. :-) It was such a nice sight to see the Yukon sitting in the driveway this morning. The kids and I went to the grocery store, we went to the park, and now I am at my parents' updating here. Time flies when we are out and about, and when I am blogging! It is time to drag the kids out of here, so we can be home when Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor get home. Once again, I wanted to check everyone's blog and once again I have run out of time. :-(

Wednesday, April 15th

Kate had a poopy morning. I was nursing Noah in the living room when Kate came into the room with her diaper in hand declaring she had a poopy diaper. Sure enough, she did and I quickly put Noah down, who was not happy with the interruption, and I threw the diaper away and put a clean diaper on Kate. I've heard stories of children taking off their poopy diapers and getting poop everywhere, but none of my kids have ever done it...until Kate. Thank goodness she brought the diaper to me before making a mess with it! Kate got in the tub awhile later for a bath. She wanted to play in the water for awhile, so I let her play. She came out of the bathroom saying "poopy, poopy" and sure enough, she pooped in the tub!

I took Zoe, Emily, and Noah to my grammie's apartment last night to enjoy a delicious dinner with my grammie and my mom. We had Zoe's favorite...chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. Even Emily kept coming back for more, which is not like Emily. The food was delicious and we enjoyed the company. :-) We went to Marden's after dinner to pick out fabric for Zoe and Emily. They are each making a skirt for Activity Days. Since Emily will turn 8 in the middle of this project, we are letting Emily start Activity Days a few weeks early, so she can make a skirt, too. The girls had fun picking out fabric and they are motiviated to make more clothes since there is so much fabric to choose from! They also came away from the store with new socks and a new pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses made their night!

Tuesday, April 14th

I worked on empytying out our 72 hour box that has been in the living room and I made four 72 hour backpacks. They are not complete and we need 2 more backpacks, but it's a start. The living room is starting to look empty without bags of clothes everywhere and now the 72 hour box is gone. :-)

Matt and I can't seem to schedule a time to clean/organize his shed, so I started working on it today. Picture a teenager's bedroom where you can't see the floor anywhere, well that was the state of the shed! My goal today was to clean in front of the door, so you could step into the shed without stepping on anything. (check) This is part of my working outside goal.

My mom picked up Zoe and Emily after work and headed to McDonalds. Then she brought Zoe to her first softball practice. Emily read to my mom in the car for her homework and then my mom and Emily went to my parents' house for awhile before picking Zoe up from practice. Zoe enjoyed her first practice.

Matt stayed at work this evening to do our taxes.

Eleanor wondered why the word "scream" is at the end of ice cream.

Zach and Eleanor discussed the fact that they would rather be called by their real names and not a nickname. Zach and Squeezie are not acceptable! A few minute later I said, "Zach, will you give Noah a piece of bread, please?
Zach replied, "Call me Zachary!"
Me: "Zachary, will you give Noah a piece of bread, please?"
Zach: "That's better."

Eleanor wants to be called Ellie.

Monday, April 13th

My goal for the week is to get outside and clean-up. April is the perfect Spring month to be outside here...no blackflies! Matt and I are both motivated to work outside, so that is good. Usually, the outside work gets left to Matt since I am inside with the little ones. Noah enjoys being pushed in the swing, so as long as he is moving in the swing with one of the kids pushing him then I am able to work.

Matt isn't feeling well today, but he went to work. The school nurse called this afternoon to let me know that Eleanor has a stiff neck. Eleanor didn't complain about her neck hurting in the morning, but I guess as the day went on, her neck hurt more and more. It was sad to hear that she was close to tears a few times in her class because her neck hurt. She stayed in school, though.

For Family Home Evening, we read some stories from the Gospel Art Kit for our lesson and scripture. Emily was on the lesson and Eleanor was on the scripture. There was a lot of reading, but everyone was pretty good about listening and being reverent. Zach picked our game, "Aye Aye Nephi" which is a card game. Matt and Zach were a team and Kate and I were a team and Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor played on their own. Zach declared "Aye Fi Nephi" when he and Matt won the game. Matt bought ice cream for the treat, but the kids could choose from ice cream or Easter candy. Do you get more candy at Easter or Halloween? I think it might be a tie, but Matt thinks the kids get more candy at Easter.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Zach wanted me to take a picture of him awhile ago when he was playing with his legos. At the time, I didn't realize how funny the picture was with Zach wearing Eleanor's sneakers, Kate standing in the lego box with her boots on, and Noah innocently looking on. My kids are too funny!

A peek into my "good mail" box. Yummy treats!

Emily's Easter basket that she made at school and Tulips from the Booths...

Zoe's circulatory system mobile...


Face painting from the Health Fair...

Coloring Easter eggs...

Getting ready to eat their first Easter eggs that they colored...

Yesterday, our family went to the Barrett's for an Easter Luau. Fun! We ate a yummy feast, visited with the Barrett's, the Booth's, Patti, the Lee's, and some neighbors of the Barrett's, and we went to a nearby park for an Easter Egg Hunt! Kate's age put her at an advantage with a headstart...

The Union River near the park...

Easter morning!...after Eleanor complained of a belly ache and spent some time in the bathroom...

Kate didn't hunt for eggs. She found her Easter pail on her chair and she was content to sit and munch.


We have had a nice Easter. Zoe, Emily, and Zach traveled to Belfast with Matt. I survived my Easter lesson on the Law of Consecration. We had a nice dinner with my parents and now we should get ready to head home (or hit the road as Zoe would say).

Friday, April 10, 2009


Zoe made a mobile about the circulatory system Tuesday evening, which was due today. My heart sank this afternoon when I noticed her mobile hanging in the same spot it has been all week. She forgot it! I learned after school that half of her class forgot their projects or didn't complete them. She'll bring it to school on Monday with no penalty.

Zach and Kate enjoyed some of their eggs today...until they got to the yolks. I think Emily is our only child who will eat and enjoy all of an egg. Zoe hates eggs.

I started reading "Lone Survivor" yesterday by Marcus Luttrell. It is very interesting. I read whenever I sit down to feed Noah, which is still quite often. He likes to eat and sleep at the same time. It gives me an excuse to sit and relax...until one of the other children needs me to get up and do something. Around 3:15 this afternoon, I was holding Noah who was asleep, and all of my other children were either complaining, crying, or wanting something. I tried to ignore them, but they were just too loud and persistent!

My mom is watching the rascals, I mean darling children of mine this evening. She brought the kids food from McDonalds for dinner. They were happily eating when we left. Matt and I watched "Chuck" and "The Office". It is so quiet here! (Noah is eating and sleeping.) It is time to get back home, though.

Thursday, April 9th

When I got home last night, there was a "good mail" box from Kristy sitting on the kitchen table. What a pleasant surprise! Now I have yummy chocolates and some supplies to make yummy cookies and cupcakes. I am so glad an egg decorating kit was included because I had forgotten all about coloring eggs. Thanks Kristy!

I had an interesting experience this morning that turned out to be quite painful. It started when I spotted a wasp in the house. I really wish they would stay outside where they belong. I grabbed the broom and got the wasp onto the end of the broom. As I was trying to get the outside door open with my foot, keeping my eyes on the wasp, I pinched my pinky finger in the pantry door. That hurt! I should have just killed the stupid wasp.

Zoe and Emily both went to the health fair today at the high school (it was either the high school or the middle school). They had fun seeing Matt wilson at the fair!
They each got their face painted (I have pictures, but I don't have my camera with me) and they each received 5 bracelets to keep track of the 5 fruits and vegetables they eat each day. The bracelets start out on one wrist and then throughout the day they move a bracelet to the other wrist after they eat a fruit or vegetable. What a great idea! Emily is really getting into it. She wore her bracelets today and made sure she ate 5 fruits and vegetables. Great job, Emily!

Zoe's class was supposed to go on a nature walk today and have a picnic, but the trail wasn't ready to be used, so they walked to the middle school where they played basketball, had an Easter egg hunt, and they had their picnic. This was a reward for earning good behavior points. They had fun!

My mom came over in the afternoon. She did me a favor and stopped at the store for milk and white eggs to decorate. I had the money, but I didn't have a way to get to the store. We played a game of Phase 10 before she left. :-)

Matt had his high council meeting this evening. I made pancakes for dinner. The kids made me smile as they ate and talked..."Mom's nicer, she doesn't put us in the diaper pail like dad does...yeah, she just puts us in the corner...She has us do nicer chores..." Those are a few of the lines that I could remember them saying. The kids listen to Matt when he mentions the diaper pail because they know he will act on his word. Just ask Zach.

Zoe and I had a conversation about the Easter bunny while the kids colored eggs...
Zoe: "Do you think the Easter Bunny will come on Saturday again?"
Me: "I don't think so. You didn't like when the Easter Bunny came on Saturday, right?
Zoe: "Right."
Me: "I think the Easter Bunny came on Saturday before because we had to be at church early."
Zoe: "Yeah, dad was the Branch President and we all went to church early!"
Zoe is really hoping that the Easter Bunny leaves goodies on Easter this year!

We had some interesting moments while coloring eggs. I put vinegar in with the pink tablet and then read that I wasn't supposed to. Oops! The orange dye got spilled. Oops! That made quite a mess on the table, chair, and floor. The younger children were not super careful with their eggs. Eleanor dropped one of her eggs on the floor. Another minor spill and then we were done! The kids decorated 4 eggs each, not many for them to color, but 24 boiled eggs is enough to eat! Zoe was a huge help with the cleanup...without being asked. :-)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Not a welcome sight

There was snow on the ground this morning and it was snowing lightly. Zoe's reaction when she looked out the window was "OH MY GOSH!". Emily was curious to know what she was looking at. Emily: "What? Ladybugs?" (We have a lot of ladybugs around our kitchen window). Then Emily looks out the window and replies, "NOOOOO! Now we have to wear boots!" The snow didn't last, but we have no desire to see any more snow until December.

Noah is 9 months old!

Zach and Kate went outside to play together for quite awhile this morning. I fed Noah and listened to Glenn Beck. It was quite delightful.

Matt came home around 3:30, which was very nice! He had deposited some money in my account, so I left about an hour later to go shopping at Walmart with my mom. I finally bought Zoe her birthday present, so I will give it to her in the morning. We came back to my parents' house to eat dinner and watch "Glenn Beck". Then we played a game of Phase 10. Noah has been asleep since we got here. :-) He just woke up a few minutes ago. I'll probably be up all night with him, but the break was worth it. I am thankful for these evenings out. They keep me sane. Thanks for being so wonderful Matt!

Tuesday, April 7th

Matt worked late today. Eleanor woke up with a stuffy nose and a slightly red, runny eye, so she stayed home. Her nose and eye seemed to clear right up after the girls left for school. Figures. Eleanor had a fun "sick" day at home.

The Booths came over for a visit. Eleanor and Zach were wild! Jerry had them all wound up and they were all loving it. Judy brought over some tulips to plant. I hope they survive my black thumb!

Eleanor was looking at one of Zoe's birthday cards when she asked me who it was from. I replied, "That's from your Aunt Kerri, Uncle Jon, Ashley, Jacob, Aimee..."
Eleanor: "Oh, Aimee loves me! I love her, too! I wish I could live with her!" It is neat that these cousins have bonded being so far away from each other.

After showing Eleanor a Spring jacket I had for her she replied, "Holy Crap!" Me: "Holy Crap? What does that mean?" Eleanor: "It means I love it so much!" She just cracks me up!

Everyone is so happy that there is no more snow on the ground. I washed all of the snowpants today and winter coats. I'm anxious to put them away.

Monday, April 6th

We have another conference weekend under our belts. It's good to know that we are not the only family struggling to listen and to get our kids to listen during conference. It IS a long weekend, but a good weekend.

The excitement for the day was going to the dentist. Emily, Zach, and I had appointments to get our teeth cleaned. It's nice that our kids go to the dentist willingly, even Zach. I brought Zoe along to watch Noah, which was super easy for her since he slept the entire time.

Matt had pizza cooking when we got home. We are now a 2 pizza family. It's funny because some nights, 1 pizza is enough to feed our family, but other nights we run out of pizza before we are full. So we have decided to cook 2 pizzas from now on. Our first attempt at cooking 2 pizzas at once in the oven was a success. :-)

For FHE, we did the crossword puzzle about Joseph Smith that Zoe made during Activity Days. One of the questions was "What is the opposite of false?". Zoe was sure that Zach would know, but he didn't, so then she was sure that Eleanor would know, so she wasn't expecting Eleanor to answer "East?" when asked the question. Too funny. Eleanor had other cute sayings throughout the day, but I didn't write them down, so they are now forgotten. I need to do better at recording cute sayings right after I hear them.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Day of Sayings

Matt left early this morning to help Don, who is building a new house, and they went to a breakfast at Don's church. The kids watched the "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" movie again and they watched the bonus features. When I told Eleanor she could watch the movie she said, "That's what I'm going to say when my kids want to watch a movie...YES!" I tried to be productive this morning, but Noah was pretty cranky.

Zoe: "Hey, the snow is almost gone! It's almost Spring...well, it IS Spring, but now it's starting to LOOK like Spring!"

We all watched General Conference at my parents' home today. On the way over, I heard part of a conversation between Zoe and Emily.
Zoe: "I'm looking forward to "Grammie's house", but I'm not looking forward to conference. Conference lasts for 4 hours!"
Emily: "That's good."...I think she was meaning it was good that it was only 4 hours and not the entire time they would be at "Grammie's house".
Zoe: "No, Emily. 4 HOURS is not good."

The kids did well, considering 4 HOURS of conference. They always do better during the Saturday sessions. By Sunday, they are tired of coloring and being quiet. Can we really blame them? No, but that doesn't change anything. :-) Eleanor fell asleep toward the end of the 1st session. We enjoyed sandwiches and chips between sessions, and Zach and Kate got on Nickjr for a bit. Yay for them! They were so happy to watch Dora on the computer. I thought about kicking Zach off of the computer a half hour before the 2nd session, so I could start blogging, but mom and I ended up going to the grocery store.

Elder Hale spoke to me today. It was wonderful! I told Matt the talk was going to be our family talk to focus on until next conference. We will know the talk inside and out by October!

Matt left for the Priesthood potluck and for the Priesthood session of conference after the 2nd session. My mom is keeping all of the kids except Noah tonight. I am loving that!

Friday, April 3rd

Noah is finally getting better! His eyes looked much better this morning.

I made chocolate chip cookies this morning. I find it very relaxing to bake goodies while I listen to Glenn Beck...as long as Zach and Kate are getting along well. I am thankful for soft sugar this morning! I have been using up hard sugar that I would scrape off enough sugar to use for a recipe, but now I am back to soft sugar. :-) It is much quicker and so much easier to deal with!

I think we had a very nice afternoon and evening. The older girls did their chores after school and then they had free time for a few hours. Zoe and Emily played with their American Girl dolls and we had the Strawberry Shortcake game going on the computer. I started playing this game today with Zach and Kate since Kate loves to be on the computer, but she doesn't know how to work the mouse yet. Now I'll have to keep playing the game until I make all the cookies that need to be made to complete the game. Eleanor brought home a rock collection that she started with her class at school. Emily loves collecting rocks (which I find all over the house), so she enjoyed looking at the rocks with Eleanor. We had hot dogs for dinner and then we all sat down to watch "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". Zach lasted through most of the movie and then he wanted to play his Nintendo in the bedroom. I thought the movie was pretty good. Matt and I watched the latest Bond movie after the kids went to bed. It was too fast paced for me and I had a hard time keeping up with what was going on. Then I fell asleep and missed most of the movie. Matt watched most of the movie, falling asleep for a bit, but he didn't care much for the movie, either.

Thursday, April 2nd

I'm having fun using my "new" mixer. Thanks, Courtney! I made brownies this morning and we devoured them in the afternoon. Yum!

I took a couple of drawers out of the kids' dresser because they keep falling off the track and I was tired of dealing with them. Matt and I have both fixed them at least once, but they don't stay fixed. So, Kate discovered a new, fun place to play!

We'll try new hardware before we give up on the drawers completely.

I am ready for Noah to be well. He is still waking up with his eyes glued shut. So annoying!

I dropped Zoe off at Sunshine's for Activity Days and then I went to Walmart. It is so much fun to get out when I spend most of my days at home. I enjoyed walking around Walmart, even with my noisy, loose wheeled cart that I was too lazy to go back and exchange. Noah was content for almost an hour as I pushed him around the store. I visited with Sunshine for awhile before convincing Zoe it was time to leave. Zoe loves to play with Kai and Koa, which gives me a chance to visit with Sunshine as we hold our babies. We are all happy! For Zoe's activity this evening, the girls talked about money and budgeting and they were given $5 to spend on fabric to make a skirt, which they will start on the next time they meet. Zoe is very excited to make a skirt!

I finished my book this evening. I just loved the main character of this book, Miri. I'm going to miss her.

Wednesday, April 1st

So, Zoe's homework turned out to be a talk about things that keep our bones healthy. What? That was not the topic I expected and I kept questioning Zoe to make sure that was it. Why not learn that in class and then write down what you remember at home or look it up at home, why a talk? Weird. Matt, Zoe, and I looked up bones in our medical book and came up with the 5 or 6 answers she needed.

I started "Princess Academy" last night. I figured since I didn't have to prepare a lesson for Sunday School this week that I would enjoy a good book.

Can you believe it's April already?! Emily is a big fan of April Fool's Day. She likes to trick us into looking at things that really are not there and telling tales. She likes to have tricks played on her as well. Maybe next year I'll come up with something good for her.

Zoe and Emily had an assembly at their school today with NFL Patriots player Brandon Meriweather. A 1st grader in their school, Jocelyn Tozier won the "NFL Take A Player to School" sweepstakes. How cool is that? The assembly encouraged the students to play and exercise vigorously at least one hour a day. Zoe and Emily had no idea who Brandon Meriweather is or knew little about the Patriots/football in general, but they enjoyed the assembly. Jocelyn arrived at school in a limo with Brandon Meriweather and Jocelyn's class had their very own gym class with Brandon Meriweather. I bet Jocelyn was just beaming all day long!

Matt worked late today. He is in a good groove of doing vouchers (billing) one night a week, which makes me very happy. :-) I'd rather have him home, but I also like getting paid for the work he does.

I read "Princess Academy" throughout the day. What a great book, Janae. I'm so glad you sent it!

I was feeding Noah as dinnertime approached, so Zoe took matters into her own hands and made pancakes from scratch all by herself!

The kids went wild during the time they were supposed to clean up and get ready for bed. I let them play and goof around and they earned the natural consequence of not having time to watch a movie before bed. During this time of chaos, Eleanor and Zach were playing hide and seek. They mentioned to me that Kate was locked in the suitcase, so I went to see if that was really true, hoping it wasn't. She was in the laundry basket with the lid on calling for help. Little rascals! Emily was the most devastated with the news of no movie, but they all fell asleep pretty quickly after getting into bed. I so enjoy peace and quiet after a wild evening like this one!