Wednesday, January 11, 2012

XOOM saves the blog

Our "dinosaur computer" is refusing to turn on after shutting off abruptly last night when we lost our power. It hasn't been running well lately, so this is not surprising, but we are bummed about it. We have many pictures on our computer that have not been copied. A lot of them are on my blog, though. The CD Rom hasn't worked on the computer for awhile. We had bought a thumb drive to put our pictures on, but I wasn't good about actually getting the pictures onto it. We'll look into getting the computer looked at to see if we can save our pictures. The fact that we have lost everything on our computer doesn't phase Zoe at all. She is just thinking about a future new laptop that may exist in our home!

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Doug said...

Chances are if you put the hard drive into another computer, you'll be able to read all of your files just fine.

When you say, "it's refusing to turn on," do you mean it won't start up correctly, or it's acting as if it's unplugged? If it is really plugged in, it could just need a new power supply.

Good luck!