Sunday, September 30, 2012

Notes from Zach

Zach has written me two very sweet notes.  The first one he wrote several weeks ago in his primary class.  It says...
"Dear mom I love you.  Are you having a great summer?  You are the besd mom ever.  Love Zach".

The second note he wrote at home when I was away from home for a meeting or something.  It says...
"Dear mom Thank you for all of the things that you have done for us.  We love you and we all wase will.  Love Zach and Noah and Kate and Eleanor". There was a paper heart with the note that said "for mom we love you"

Zach is so thoughtful and sincere.  He has such a sweet spirit and I love how he expresses his love often.  I love you too, Zach!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Another wet Saturday

It was a COLD & wet soccer morning!  The kids & I got to the field around 8:45am.  Usually at that time, there is no parking left near my concession tent, but thanks to the rain today, there was plenty of parking.  People trickled in as the time passed.  I sent Noah onto the field with Kate & Zach since there weren't a lot of kids there.  I got busy setting up my concession stand and Kate & Zach's soccer practice started.  I looked to see where Noah was and he was in a group practicing right with them.  He looked so cute!  He came over to me when it was time for a drink of water and then he went right back onto the field.  During the scrimmage at the end of practice, Noah had no idea where to be, but he didn't care.  The next time I looked, he was the goalie!  How cute is that?!    One of the parents gave Noah some pointers and Noah tried to apply them.  Noah, you are a funny little man!

I finally took Eleanor to get her picture taken today!  She is a natural at posing and she looks like a model in her picture!  We both enjoyed dinner together at McDonald's.  I love how the amount of calories is on the menu now!  At least in Brewer it is.  I tried not to look at the calories today, but it will be handy on the days that I am counting calories.  I think all menus should have calories listed.  In the past, I have had no desire to count calories, but lately I have had the eye of the tiger.

I picked up Rachael & Elya this evening to watch the General Relief Society Broadcast with me at my parents' house.  It was so good!  My parents & Zoe got back from the temple right after Elder Eyring started talking.  The Phelps were sealed as a family today. :-)

I found out today that Stan Brewer has passed away.  He was a missionary with his wife in our branch several years ago.  He has been battling cancer.  My prayers & thoughts are with his wife, Diane & with all of the family.

Friday, September 28, 2012


Zoe is at my parents' house for the weekend.  She is going to the temple tomorrow with them and my grandmother.  Before Emily's game this afternoon, she was giving the team some tips and coaching them.  The ref came over and thought she was the coach!  I think someday, somewhere, she will be.
Emily played hard in her game and then she did a great job babysitting this evening.
Eleanor had fun playing with her friends at the game.  You can always find her doing gymnastics when she is outside...and inside!
Zach left his coat on the school playground yesterday afternoon.  It was still there when he got to school this morning.  :-)   He likes to play on his Nintendo during Emily's games.
Kate is loving school!  She used primary colors in art class today.  She was having a fun time at the game until she spied the concession stand (this was the first time it has been there) and then she was suddenly starving!  I got a taste of what the soccer parents on Saturday must go through with their kids as they beg for concession food that I am selling.  Also, the ladies under the tent stayed nice and dry while the rest of us got wet.  I will appreciate my tent more tomorrow!
Noah felt better today.  He is snoring beside me.  He is a heavy sleeper.  He sleeps through most anything!
Matt & I went to see "Trouble With the Curve" at Hoyt's.  I loved the story, but the bad language squashed my desire to see it again.
Justin came over to work on the house with Matt for a few hours this evening. :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Every day is busy!  Noah & I left the house at 11:20am to go to lunch with my mom (fun & yummy Pat's Pizza!:-) and we didn't get home until 7pm!  We went right to the school to pick up the kids after we ate (it's a long drive).  We were a half hour early, but Noah was sleeping and I was sleepy, so we both enjoyed the rest in the car.  We picked the kids up and then watched Eleanor's soccer practice.  I watched while the kids played on the playground.  I joined in the scrimmage with another mom at the end of the practice.  Playing soccer with 3rd & 4th graders is perfect for an amateur soccer player like me.  It's lots of fun!  After practice, we headed to Hampden for Emily's soccer game.  Again, I watched while the kids played on the playground.  The opposing team showed lots of skill on the field as they won 4-0, and they were sweet off the field as they were concerned about one of our players who got hurt and they said goodbye to our players as they left.  I was impressed with their attitude on and off the field.  We finally headed home after Emily's game.  Zoe & Matt worked on the house this evening.  Zoe was bummed that she couldn't go to Emily's game today, but her hard work paid off and she can go to Emily's game tomorrow.  :-)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday = BUSY

Noah's belly aches and diarrhea started happening recently.  He is still dealing with it, but he has only been off milk for 2 days.  He really misses milk in the morning!  

Colby came over this morning to play with Noah.  They had fun playing with trains, cars, playing outside & watching some of the CARS movie.  :-)

It was a busy afternoon/evening!  We headed to church after school, so I could  be at my presidency meeting with President Dauk.  Then I went to the Ellsworth High School to meet the cub scouts for a bike ride.  I want to bring our kids there sometime to ride bikes!  The weather was rainy, so it was stressful deciding whether to have the activity or not, but we forged ahead and ended up having a great time with no rain!

My mom took Zoe, Emily, Eleanor & Zach to Governor's for dinner.  Friendly's closed in Ellsworth :-( and it is now Governor's.  They met up with Jon & Alex (young men in our branch) and their parents, Dinah, Dick & Kristen.  They sat in the special group room and I'm sure they had lots of fun!

Matt picked up Kate & Noah from church to bring them home.  They stopped at McDonald's, which Kate & Noah were hoping they would do that!

Zoe had a game in North East Harbor after school.  Our friend, Jen dropped her off at church for us.  :-)  Zoe didn't want to miss the activity tonight because they decorated shirts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Food Allergy?

As of today, we are eliminating certain foods from Noah's diet one at a time to figure out what is causing his tummy to hurt and then have diarrhea every time he eats.  Milk is the first one to go.  He is missing his chocolate milk, but after explaining what we are doing, he is willing to cooperate.  Tonight, he asked if hot dogs have milk in them.  I hope we figure out what is bothering him soon.

On the way to school this morning, Kate wondered how she would get to the place to buy a car when she didn't have a car to drive (an interesting topic for a Kindergartener to be thinking about on the way to school!).  I told her that I would drive her to the car place and she was happy that she wouldn't have to take a taxi.  Noah in his sweet 4 year old voice said, "Kate, what is a taxi?"  She told him in her 5 year old way, which was so cute!

Matt, Emily & I met with two of Emily's teachers (Mrs. Cooper & Ms. Merriam) this evening for Emily's goal setting conference.  Emily is off to a great start, as usual. :-)   Her teachers described her as an intelligent, quiet leader who is able to help her classmates in a nice, gentle way.  She continues to devour books and it hasn't taken her teachers long to realize this.  They will continue to challenge Emily in all areas and they will continue to enjoy her. :-)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Service Can Be Fun!

Noah & I spent most of our day helping and being with my grandmother  :-).  We took her to her eye appointment, which took a few hours.  She was worried about how long she was taking, but Noah & I had a great time relaxing, reading, playing on the Xoom & listening to Glenn Beck.  When we got back to town, my grandmother treated us to Subway.  It was fun to eat in the new Subway, which is now by Family Dollar.  It is big with lots of seating.  I love it!  Noah loved getting a yummy sandwich, cookies, juice, a new bag, fireman badge & stickers!  Thank you again Grammie for treating us.  :-)  

The kids & I went to Zoe's home game after school.  We played really well, but we just could not score a goal!  We lost to Old Town again 1-0.  The last time we played them, they scored 3 goals, so our defense is getting better.  We met up with Matt at home to eat dinner and then have our second half of Family Home Evening.  Having our reverent part of FHE on Sundays has been working out great.  We played Jenga and then the kids enjoyed peanut butter cups for their treat.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

House Pictures!

 The kids enjoyed seeing the progress being made over their rooms.  :-)

I went out last night with Kristin, Jenn, Jessica, Debbie, Jen, Colleen & Andrea to MacLeod's to celebrate Jenn's & Kristin's birthdays!  What a great group of friends!  :-)
Mom & Daughters
Birthday Girls
The Young Women had their New Beginnings program after church today.  Zoe did an excellent job conducting.  The young women made a great video to explain the young women values (Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice & Accountability, Good Works, Integrity & Virtue).  They interviewed different people in the branch to explain each value.  We even got to see the bloopers, which were hysterical!  Making this video and preparing for New Beginnings was one of Zoe's Personal Progress projects, so she can now check that as completed.  :-)  The young women made an impressive display of what they have been working on in young women's all year.  They have made and accomplished some great things!
Kes is the newest young woman and I'm glad she has a great group of girls to hang out with.  :-)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Emily's Soccer Pictures

Action photos of Emily's 1st Middle School soccer game...

Emily scored 2 goals in her rec game this morning! Eleanor played really well today, too! Go Erickson girls!

Friday, September 21, 2012

House building, Soccer & Party!

This has been a super fun day for the kids and a fun day for me, too!  After school, Connor's birthday party began next door.  Emily & I joined in for an hour and then we left for Emily's 1st Middle School "B" soccer game.  Emily played most of the game as the right wing and she did a great job!  She continued playing even after getting hit in the face by the ball.  She assisted in the one goal that we got.  The game ended in a tie (although Jen Noonan & I think we lost 2-1.  I'm pretty sure that Ellsworth scored 2 goals).  While at the game, Zoe & Matt worked on the house.  I am anxious to see the progress after tomorrow!  I will post pictures soon!  The rest of the kids stayed at Jenn's while I went to the game...bless her heart!  The kids had a great time playing games, eating lots of yummy food & just being together.  I was able to go over and visit when the game was over.  :-)  I hope Jenn & Connor have an awesome Birthday weekend!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Walking with Noah

I love to go for a walk in the early morning before the kids wake up.  It's too dark now at 5am to walk, though.  I get up early to play/exercise on the wii fit, but I miss my walks.  So, Noah & I walked along the waterfront this morning after I dropped the kids off at school.  It was quite delightful.  I carried Noah on my back part of the way, so he would enjoy the walk and want to do it again.  We ran part of the way as we played tag.  Between the waterfront and the Miles Lane trails, I'm hoping to get my walks in with Noah.  At least until the weather doesn't cooperate with me anymore.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I am grateful...
That I get to see my husband & children every morning and every evening...and sometimes in between.
That Zoe knows how to braid and that she loves to do her sisters' hair.
For Noah's hugs.
That my children have settled into the new school year and that they have great teachers.
That I get to spend my days with Noah.
For recipes because they help me to be a good cook.
For my Savior's example of love and service.
For friends who sew and offer to do my sewing for me.
For kids who do their homework without complaining.
For friends & family who come over to help Matt work on the new house.
That Zoe has the magic touch to get my phone working again.
That Zach loves Cub Scouts.
That I live in the United States of America.
That my Mom likes to treat our family to dinner.
For caring family members who love and support us in so many ways!
For a quiet house at night.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bucksport vs. Ellsworth

Zoe had a soccer game in Ellsworth this afternoon.  I sat with Patti during the 1st half and then when she left, I sat with Jen Noonan & her parents.  The kids played on and under the bleachers.  Zoe almost scored a goal during a penalty kick.  It was going over the goalie, but she jumped up and made an awesome catch!  We lost the game 3-1.  :-(

Monday, September 17, 2012

A boy with a bee allergy should avoid...

apple orchards!
I went with Zach's class this morning to Wight's Orchard.  Zach spent most of the time avoiding bees.  I stayed close with his epipen.  He also picked 2 apples and his group answered the list of questions that Mrs. Cressey gave us to answer. 
Zach had fun, but he's hoping the next field trip is inside!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Settling into Relief Society

I enjoyed being in Sunday School & Relief Society today.  I figured out today that in the 14 years that Matt & I have been going to the Ellsworth Branch, I have been to Relief Society meetings on Sunday only 3 of those 14 years.  I had forgotten how quiet & still adults are! :-)  I loved sitting next to Matt during Sunday School.  The lucky man is still without a calling!  Kim & I met with the Stake Relief Society Presidency after church.  Cheryl Beveridge is the President with Nancy Raymond & Judy Reitze as her counselors.  Heather ? is the secretary.  We talked about upcoming events happening next year.  I am super excited that Barbara B. Jones is coming to speak at our stake center on May 25th!  I have never heard of her, but she an EFY speaker, so she must be great. :-)
My Mom was called today to be the new Primary President!  Cheryl Phelps is her 1st Counselor.  There are lots of changes going on!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Soccer, soccer, soccer

Newport 3 Bucksport 1...Yesterday's game

Zoe is the corner kicker

Emily played goalie for a bit during her game today
The players get advice before the game from the ref/club president, Richard Sprague.

Emily & Eleanor racing to the ball
Emily's corner kick
Kate is now old enough to play soccer!  This is the first year that Kindergarteners have been able to sign up to learn soccer skills.  Zach likes having Kate at soccer with him.  Zach is 3rd from the left and Kate is 2nd from the right.

Lauren is playing soccer...YAY!
My Dad thinks I spend too much time behind the camera and not enough time in front of it.  I disagree, but he got his way today.

Zoe was at a stake youth service project at Acadia National Park today, while I was selling lots of goodies at soccer.  All the baked goods and food donations sold out today.  Awesome!  Zoe was exhausted after hauling lumber and walking 4 miles.  Tomorrow will be a delightful day of rest for all of us!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pictures of the week

Matt's Birthday

Emily's & Eleanor's 1st Soccer Game

Playdate with Bo, Ian, Claire & Lola  :-)

The Maine Jump!


 Getting creative at Young Women's  :-)
Breakfast with Great Grammie  :-)