Sunday, January 29, 2012


Have I mentioned that I have lost 5 pounds?! I have gone 29 days without sugar and white flour. Some days have been easier than others, but I have been good every day this year so far! Glenn Beck is encouraging all Americans to be more like George Washington, so when I have a hard day, I think "I will be diligent like George Washington". It really helps!


Courtney @ Ordinary Happily Ever After said...

I thought the same thing on Wednesday when I was having a rough day and was debating whether or not to go for an afternoon run with the kids. I thought "I have to be diligent!"

So I got the kids all ready to go only to discover that Spencer had a flat tire in his bike. Then we all came down with the flu.

So I'll be diligent tomorrow :)

Kris said...

Great job! I could never make it a month without sugar. Well, I COULD... but I probably won't :) but kudos to you!

Zoe and Emily look so cute at their concert. They are busy with so many good things! Talented girls. I'm glad you had a long weekend to enjoy, that is nice, and glad Matt made it to the temple.