Friday, January 27, 2012

Wintry Mix Day

No school today. We woke up to snow and then it changed over to freezing rain. In the afternoon, it rained. The kids & I had a good day overall. When chores were expected to be done, it was the worst day ever!, but while drinking hot chocolate with colored marshmallows and eating pumpkin pie or brownies (that Zoe made), it was the best day ever! Eleanor made cookies in her Easy Bake Oven. Zoe & Emily made this puzzle.

Matt was going to come home after work instead of having me drive to Brewer to meet him for datenight, but he left his headlights on today and his Suburban wouldn't start when it was time to come home. This led to our datenight since I had to drive to his work to rescue him. :-) We went to Bugaboo Creek again since we would get another $20 off our meal and guess what? Our meal came to less than $20 AND my card still hasn't been fixed, so I still have the same amount of points on my card. :-) I gave them my information again, but this time they encouraged me to call the customer service # to give them my information as well. The waitress told me that I would probably get their voice mail and if I left a message with all of my information, then everything should get taken care of. I am skeptical, but I will try it.

Matt bought an iPhone today. He wanted to buy it at the end of last year, but that didn't work out. Zoe is going to buy his iPod. She has been trying to talk him into a lower price since she hates to part with her money, but no luck. She is still getting a good deal, though.

Eleanor wiggled a loose tooth out this evening! Yesterday, Zach accidentally hit Eleanor in the mouth with his zhu zhu pet, which made her tooth looser than it already was. Her tooth was bothering her after that happened, so she has been wiggling it. Matt & I are glad that this tooth came out on its own instead of having to be pulled! Eleanor was happy, too. :-)

Matt is going on the bus trip to the temple tomorrow. It was a busy week to squeeze in a stake interview, so he could go, but he managed to do it. :-)

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