Monday, January 02, 2012

Back to School

Our kids went back to school today. It made Kate's morning to be able to stay home with Matt & Noah while I brought the kids to school. Kate would LOVE to have her siblings ride the bus, but I prefer to drop them off and pick them up.

Matt bought some tarps today and worked on covering the new house. Kate, Noah & I spent time with my parents. My mom is doing well, but she keeps beating me at Phase 10! She goes to the doctor tomorrow to have an x-ray taken of her leg to see how it is healing.

My diet is going well. I was up at 5am to exercise. I didn't dive into the remaining sugar cookies at my parents' house! That is a good sign that I am in the diet zone. My mom, Kate, Noah & I went to Dysarts for lunch. My dad had to go to work, so he wasn't able to join us. I love the omelets at Dysarts! I have a feeling that Dysarts is going to become a favorite date night spot this year.

We watched the Rose Bowl on our computer for FHE. I am not a fan of having cable tv, so Matt endures watching football in a little box on the computer monitor. We also had our regular FHE (Song, Prayer, Article of Faith, Lesson, Scripture, Game & Treat) during half time.

Victoria had a cat scan done this morning. The bleeding is the same, which is good according to the neurosurgeon. The swelling has gotten worse, but she is still able to rest at home with someone watching over her at all times. I am grateful that she has many family members close by to help her! She will have another cat scan done soon and she will need to see the neurosurgeon again before going back to work.


Phaedra said...

My girls start back to school on Thursday :( It's been such a great break. I'm in diet mode too and it feels great! Happy New Year!

janerickson said...

This is so horrible about Victoria. Is there any information about where this bullet came from and who could have fired it? Our love to Donna & family.