Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saying goodbye to Mahershalalhashbaz

Our fish has gone to fish heaven. The reaction from the kids after hearing this news was...Can we get a hermit crab now? Can we get a turtle? A dog? Another fish? A chipmunk? A squirrel? I hope our fish is feeling the love in heaven because I don't think he was feeling it much here!

Matt & I had a super fun datenight last night. We ate dinner at Bugaboo Creek, where our meals together came to $15. Love it! We have a rewards card that doesn't acknowledge our rewards because my name hasn't been entered into the system with my card #. I have tried many times to add my name on their website, but it never works. Whenever you reach 300 points, you are supposed to get $20 off your bill and then your points go back to 0. My points are never recognized and have never gone back to 0, so every time we go to Bugaboo Creek now, it looks like we have enough points for the $20 off even though we have received the discount already. We explain the situation to our waiter or waitress, but they give us the discount anyway because it is their companies error. Last night was our second time talking with the manager about it. He gave us the discount again, but this time he had me write down my information, so the problem can be fixed for me. He did say that my point total will remain the same after it is fixed, so we'll get one more discounted dinner before my points go to 0. Sweet! We have been told that many people are having problems with their rewards cards, so someone has been hired just to handle these problems. Lately, it really hasn't been a problem for us. :-)
We did some shopping after dinner and then we came home to watch "My girlfriend's boyfriend". I was happy to see that Alyssa Milano was in the movie! I haven't seen her in years. It was a good, clean movie, so I loved it!

Justin came over this morning to help Matt work on the house. That is dedication to be willing to help out when the weather is in the teens! They worked for an hour and a half on some outside walls on the bottom floor. Justin brought his 3 year old son with him, so Noah had a playmate this morning. They had lots of fun and they got along great!

Emily went to Jenny's birthday party from 10am-1pm. After I picked her up and then picked up Eleanor & Zach from my parents' house where they spent the night last night, we went ice skating and sledding. The older girls had fun playing with friends there. We lasted an hour before the little ones got too cold. I was ready to go, too. We have now been skating 3 times this winter! That is a record! Usually we make it once a winter.

I think I lost my phone at the ice skating rink. :-( I'm hoping that if it is there that it fell out of my pocket inside the building and not out in the snow!

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