Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Eventful Drive

Dear Impatient,

I know you had somewhere to be, I did too. Were you in too big of a hurry to notice that it was raining out and the temperature was below freezing? I know, the weatherman was wrong again, which is why you must pay attention to your surroundings. Did you notice the truck off the road to our left? That was a clue to me that we were approaching an icy area, which is why I slowed down. Did you notice the other cars off the road and the police car at the bottom of the hill? I am grateful that you didn't crash into me as you sped by, fishtailing and then half spinning. This didn't keep you on the side of the road for long, though. Not only are you impatient, but you are persistent, too. I must admit that I was annoyed when I noticed you behind me again. I gladly let you by and watched you fishtail again. Apparently, you are also a slow learner. I have no idea if you made it to your destination or not. I hope you did. Please slow down the next time you are driving on icy roads. Remember, rain that falls from the sky in temperatures below freezing will turn to ice. Ice is slippery.



I had a bizarre evening. Zoe & I headed to Ellsworth, so I could stop at a
convenience store to order pizza to contribute to the potluck dinner at the Blue & Gold Banquet. Then we were going to Hancock to drop off a meal for a sister who has been sick. Then we were going to go pick up the pizza and head to church. A stretch of road that was extremely icy put a wrench in that plan, as well as the fact that I didn't plan for enough time. I managed to drive through this icy patch without going off the road, but I drove very slow and continued to drive slow until I got to the store. I ordered the pizza and then I dropped Zoe off at church since it was getting close to the time for her activity. It was close to the starting of the banquet as well, but I hadn't dropped the meal off yet and I hadn't picked up the pizza. I started to drive to Hancock, but I realized that if I didn't get the pizza first, then it would arrive at the banquet too late, so I picked up the pizza and brought it to the church. Then I headed to Hancock. It was dark and I've only been to this home a few times in the daytime. It took me awhile to find it! By the time I arrived back at church, the banquet was over! I thought about making up for not being there by helping to clean up, but everything was being taken care of, so Zoe & I headed home. I was ready to be home and I am glad to be home safe and sound now!

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