Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Kate, Noah & I spent most of the day with my grandmother. :-) We took her to get some lab work done and then we headed over to Bath & Body Works in the mall. Kate found some things there to put on her birthday wish list. She loves the little hand sanitizer bottles and the fancy covers to go over them. Kate & Noah went on one of the rides a few times before we left the mall and they were able to get some candy and gum from the $.25 machines. They loved that!

Victoria was on Eleanor's mind today. During class, Eleanor's teacher noticed that Eleanor was quieter than usual. Eleanor told her about Victoria and Mrs. Wight asked Eleanor if she wanted to see the Guidance Counselor. Eleanor talked with the Guidance Counselor and she made Victoria a sweet card. Victoria's story is going to be told on Fox 8 and a local paper, Northwest Observer is going to write about it. The paper is going to do an interview over the phone and Fox8 is going over to Donna's home tomorrow to interview. I'm glad this story is going to be told. People need to be smarter while celebrating on New Year's Eve!

My mom met with Dr. Curtis today and she had an x-ray taken. She was hoping for a miraculous healing, but no luck. She was advised to stay home from work for 6-8 weeks...not going to happen. She didn't argue with getting out of jury duty for the 2nd month in a row, though. She was scheduled for jury duty in Ellsworth during December, but Matt had a case there in December, so her jury duty got changed to January. Now she has a doctor's note saying she can't do it in January. That is fine with my mom since she has tons of work to do at work. She has a cat scan scheduled on Friday to make sure nothing else is damaged besides the bone. She'll find out the results of the cat scan next Thursday when she meets with Dr. Curtis again. Hang in there, Mom!

For my own record...
I love it when Zach tells me he loves me at random moments. It is so sweet!

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