Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Adventures

We have enjoyed this day off from work & school. Matt took Zach & Noah to get their hair cut. Then they went to see "The adventures of TinTin." I'm glad Matt & the boys have had lots of fun adventures this weekend. :-) The girls & I spent time with my parents. My parents & I played a game of Phase 10, which was fun. Then I took the girls ice skating at the rink near the schools. They saw several friends there, so they enjoyed time with them. Kate tried ice skating for the first time. She wore skates that I had bought for Zoe when Zoe had first gone ice skating. It's hard for any of us to believe that Zoe's feet were ever that small! :-) Zoe wore my skates today that I bought when I bought Zoe's first skates. They barely fit Zoe...too small! Kate wore her skates for a little while, but then she wanted to walk on the ice with her sneakers. When Eleanor was done skating, she joined her friends in sledding down a small hill near the rink. Kate tried sledding, too, but she didn't like how fast the sled went. We hung out in the car and Kate played on my Xoom. It was nice to get out in the fresh air and fun to see people we know. You know it has been really cold when people are commenting on how warm and nice it is outside when the sun is shining, but it is only in the mid 20s!

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Martie said...

Ohhhh, how fun! Outdoor skating. Here we only have a very, very expensive crowded rink. Cute pics!!