Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's going on...

besides soccer? Here are some pictures that a friend took at Zoe's and Emily's last rec game. I'm beginning to think I need a better camera. Look at these great shots! Zoe is #14 and Emily is #24.

The ref here is Zoe's middle school coach. He runs the rec league.
Zoe scoring another goal. She scored 5 goals during a game a few weeks ago, and she scored 3 goals during this game. Emily scored a goal a few weeks ago, too.

I'm back in a decluttering/organizing mood now that the weather is cooler and wet. I noticed Eleanor's artwork the other day and realized that I haven't posted her pictures yet. So, here they are. The first 2 pictures are of her art folder.

Well done, Eleanor!

I took a break from decluttering today and took Kate and Noah to the children's museum. Kate LOVES the museum. It just brightens her day when I tell her we are going there. Noah was delighted to "drive" at the museum today!

After the museum, we went to lunch at Governor's with my mom. Our favorite waitress, Kathy waited on us when Zoe was Kate's age. Kathy just can't believe how much Kate looks like Zoe. She said it's like Deja vu having us there with Kate.

We had a family dinner tonight. That really is big news because it hasn't happened in a long time, unfortunately. We are home together a lot, but Matt and I have been eating our diet food and the kids are left to fend for themselves. Matt made chicken fajitas this evening and we all sat down together and ate the same food and talked. It was so nice! It wasn't perfect by any means with plates being played with during the prayer and very loud voices and many voices talking at once, but it was still nice. Zoe came up with a great idea to talk about what everyone is going to be for Halloween. Zoe thought it would be neat for us to have a family theme, which I think is a great idea. In fact, I've suggested it before, but the kids have always wanted to do their own thing. So, I'm excited that we have come up with a coordinated idea...which I'm not going to reveal until later on in the month. Stay tuned!

So, back to the diets. Matt is still doing the South Beach Diet and he is doing great! He has a goal weight in mind and he continues to make progress toward that goal. I did a 4 week round of The Game On Diet with a group of friends and lost 5.8 pounds. WOOHOO! I'm gaining it all back now that we are taking a week off, but I know it won't stick around for long.

Zoe came home last Friday saying it was her best day ever! She received 2 different compliments that day from teachers and she loved it. She was told she takes the best notes in her math class, so the teacher was going to copy her notes for a student who is struggling with note taking. The other compliment was from her music teacher who invited Zoe to participate in a more advanced music class during recess on Fridays. There are only 3 students in this advanced class I believe, so Zoe felt quite honored that she was chosen to participate. I have noticed how well Zoe reads music and how she can teach herself how to play different instruments. It is quite impressive! Way to go, Zoe!

Okay, I think you are updated now and I can check off updating my blog from my to-do list. :-)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another note about FHE

This morning, Eleanor was wishing that we could have Family Home Evening every day. When I asked her why, she said enthusiastically, "Because it's fun!" That was nice to hear.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A few more weeks

I am looking forward to Monday nights when we just have Family Home Evening, instead of soccer practice and then Family Home Evening.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2 Sundays in a row

Kate and Noah have stayed in the chapel for all of Sacrament Meeting! I had a chat with Kate before church last Sunday and told her that she is old enough to stay in the chapel from the opening prayer to the closing prayer. I told her she could sit on my lap the entire time. She promised that she would stay in the chapel and she did so good! She never asked to leave, whereas before she would insist on going to the Primary room right after the sacrament. Noah sat on Matt's lap on the other end of the pew, which kept Noah and Kate from fighting over my lap. Kate earned a gold star sticker after Sacrament Meeting for staying in the chapel. She was very proud of her sticker. I wasn't sure if today would go as well, but it did. :-) She earned more praise and another sticker, so hopefully staying in the chapel will become a habit from now on. Noah has followed Kate's good example and he has stayed in the chapel the entire time as well. Noah was more restless and loud today than last Sunday, but he was still good enough to stay in the chapel. Zoe likes to have Kate or Noah sit on her lap during the meeting, so that is helpful, too.

I drive by my favorite spot for Fall leaves on my way to church. There are colorful leaves on both sides of the road, there are many trees, and the colors are so bright and beautiful. When I drive by this spot, I just want to stop and stare at the beauty, but it quickly passes by as we head to church. I did stop long enough to take a few pictures this morning. The view from my lens doesn't do the beauty justice, but you'll get the idea.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harvest Dinner

The 4th graders at the Miles Lane School get to take care of the school garden. A few 4th grade students from each class were randomly picked to serve at a Harvest dinner this evening for a small group of administrators, school board members, and PTO officers. I went to the dinner with the other PTO officers and Emily was one of the 4th graders picked to serve, so that worked out perfectly. I brought Kate and Noah with me, so that was a bit stressful, but they ended up being very well behaved. We ate yummy vegetable soup, rolls, coleslaw, salsa, and cupcakes. Emily's class pulled up carrots from the garden and helped make the rolls for the dinner. Emily enjoyed serving and showing off the garden after the dinner. She also helped clean up after the dinner. Kate and Noah liked seeing the vegetables that are in the school garden. Kate thought it was neat that the school garden has tomatoes just like our garden. Yay for gardens!

Matt took Zoe, Eleanor, and Zach to Ellsworth this evening to clean the church. My Mom was there to help, too.

Before the dinner and cleaning, we watched Zoe's game. Zoe's team lost 1-2, but they felt good about the game because they played a tough team.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everything will be left undone until...

I took Kate and Noah to story time today. It has been awhile since I have been to the library. I had no intention of bringing home a book to read. I have plenty to do! The librarian let me know that she put my name on a waiting list for Nicholas Sparks' new book. I didn't even know he has a new book out. That was so sweet of her to think of me and to put my name on the list. As we were checking books out, I was given "Safe Haven" to read, which is Nicholas Sparks' new book. There are many things I should be doing other than reading, but of course I didn't refuse the book. I just started reading it and I can tell it's going to be a book that I won't want to put down. I guess the things that I need to do will just have to wait until I'm done reading. Sorry Mom...I was given strict instructions to return the book right after I'm done for the other people on the waiting list. Head to the library and get your name on the list! :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Noah...Sweet & Funny

When Zach walked over to me, Kate, and Noah this afternoon when school was over, Noah threw himself into Zach's arms and gave him a great big hug. Both of the boys were so happy to see each other. It was a melt your heart moment!

When we were getting into the car to bring Zoe to soccer practice, Noah climbed into the driver's seat. I picked him up as he screamed, "NO! I'M THE DRIVER!" My Mom is convinced he will be a race car driver some day. He does love his cars and he loves to sit in the driver's seat.

Positive Thinking

As of yesterday afternoon, our toilet flush is not working. We have to dip our hand in the cold tank water to flush the toilet now. Eleanor, Zach, and Kate LOVE this new way of flushing the toilet. I think it's annoying, but I am thankful that we can still use our toilet! I'm also thankful that Matt will soon be fixing this problem. :-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My awesome weekend

I had such a great weekend! Time Out For Women was awesome! I left there so uplifted, my cup was overflowing.

I knew listening to Hilary Weeks sing would be a treat, but I didn't realize that listening to her talk would be a treat as well. She had great stories to tell and she is so funny!

We listened to Jenny Oaks Baker play the violin Friday night and Virginia Hinckley Pearce spoke to us. She wasn't scheduled to be at our event, so that was a pleasant surprise. Sherri Dew was supposed to speak to us, but she couldn't make it. That was disappointing, but we did get to watch a video of her speaking to us.

On Saturday, we heard from Emily Watts, Hilary Weeks, S. Michael Wilcox, Mariama Kallon, Merrilee Boyack, and Mary Ellen Edmunds. Every talk was my favorite!

We ate some yummy food on our trip. We ate dinner on Friday at the Cheesecake Factory. SO YUMMY! I've always wanted to eat there, so that was a treat. We also ate at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant on our way home and that was super yummy, too!

October 2011, we head to Rochester, NY for Time Out For Women! That will be a 3 day trip, so we are planning and saving now. :-) But shhhh, don't tell my kids!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Time Out

I am heading to Time Out For Women in Hartford, CT today with my Mom, Grandmother, and our friend Patti. I am so excited!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

These are the best years of my life

I have hit the phase of motherhood where I rely heavily on my calendar. If it's not on the calendar, it will get forgotten about because our family life has become super busy! On the calendar today...

1) Primary Presidency Meeting ~ 9am
2) Zoe's soccer practice ~ 5-6:30pm at middle school field
3) Emily's soccer practice ~ 5:30-7pm at Reggie Ginn field
4) PTO Potluck Dinner/Meeting ~ 5:30-7pm

Emily wasn't going to play Rec soccer this year, but she changed her mind after the first game. So now Zoe and Emily are on the same team, just like last year.

I volunteered at the end of last school year to be the PTO Secretary this year.

This is how we juggled everything going on this evening. I picked up Zoe's friend, Caitlin and dropped Zoe and Caitlin off at their practice, dropped cookies off at the school for the PTO potluck, dropped Emily off at her practice, went to my PTO dinner and meeting. Zoe got a ride home with Caitlin and Emily got a ride home with my Dad. We are all home together now and most kids are in bed. :-) If you are looking at my day and thinking that this is nothing...I don't want your life!!!

We have been down to just the Yukon running the last week or so, but thankfully Matt got his car back yesterday! It gets really fun trying to juggle so many different schedules with one functioning vehicle.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haircut & Soccer

After going for my 5:30am walk, getting ready for the day, dropping the kids off at school, going back home and then going back to the schools to bring Zach his backpack and Zoe her flute, eating breakfast, getting Kate and Noah ready for the day, and dropping Kate and Noah off at my parents' home for my Dad to watch, I was able to relax and get my hair cut. :-)

This is what my hair looks like after a day of taking care of the kids and attending a soccer game.

It was fun watching Zoe play soccer this evening. Matt made it to her away game in Hampden last night. We all watched the game this evening. Zoe's team won their game last night 4-0 and they lost their game to Old Town this evening 0-4. It was cute to hear our kids cheer Zoe on. Noah repeated everything Matt and I would yell out, which was also cute.

Monday, September 13, 2010

FHE a day early

We had Family Home Evening last night because Zoe has her first school soccer game this evening. A friend of ours had given us a pinata filled with candy last week that she had forgotten to use at a party, so Matt and I used it for our game and treat last night. The kids LOVED our surprise!

Of course we didn't make it through the entire pinata experience without some crying. Zach was sad when the pinata finally broke because he wanted another turn.
Treat time!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Carrots and Soccer

I pulled up our first carrot out of the garden yesterday. We only have 3 growing. Emily planted the carrots, so she was very excited to see the carrot and to eat it. The report back was "YUM"! Zach and Kate enjoyed it, too.

Zoe is not only doing school soccer, but rec soccer as well. She had her first rec soccer game today. She scored 2 of the 3 goals. Yay Zoe! Zoe's team won by 1 goal. :-) I didn't take any pictures during the game, but I did get a picture of her practicing. I took the picture right before she made a practice goal.

The rec league is for 3rd-6th graders. Since Zoe is on the the school team, she doesn't have to practice with her rec team during the week. She only plays in the games on Saturdays. So, she will practice and have games during the week for the school team and then play a game on Saturdays for the rec league. The 6th graders have fun being the oldest and best in the rec league after being the "little guys" at the school practices.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Emily's Artwork

This is the front of Emily's artwork folder. I think her folder is my favorite of her artwork.

This is the back of Emily's folder.

Beautiful artwork, Emily!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Zoe's Artwork

I didn't do a great job displaying the girls' artwork in our home over the summer that they brought home at the end of last school year. It is time to get rid of last year's artwork to make room for this year's artwork. I am going to take pictures of the best and post them here. Choosing Zoe's artwork was easy because she only had one in her folder that I haven't shown you.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy Birthday, Matt!

We love you!

Zach had his first ride home on the school bus today. Matt needed the Yukon to get to work today. I was able to drop the kids off at school this morning, but they rode the bus home. Zach, Emily, and Eleanor would love to ride the bus more often, but Zoe likes having me pick them up because then they get home earlier.

Zoe made the school soccer team! She is one of two 6th graders who will get to play in all of the games. The rest of the 6th graders are alternates and will play in half of the games. Zoe is very excited! She received her soccer uniform this evening, so she proudly modeled it for us.

We are excited to see you play, Zoe!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Their behavior will come back to haunt them!

Matt and I like to joke about how we are going to behave when we go visit our kids when they are grown. We say things like...

We are going to kick off our shoes as we enter the door and leave them there.
We are going to drop our coats on the floor.
We are going to speak as loud as we can.
We are going to argue with everything they say.
We are going to sing songs at the dinner table.
We are going to talk non-stop about the latest movie we have seen at the dinner table.
We are going to dip our sleeve in our food at the dinner table.
We are going to spill our drink at the dinner table.
We are going to refuse to sit while eating dinner.
We are going to interrupt the conversation by saying the child's name over and over.

We are going to have some fun! :-)