Sunday, March 30, 2008

On the mend

I have not cleaned, cooked, changed a diaper, or taken care of the kids the past 2 days...because I have been sick. I woke up yesterday morning expecting to get ready for the day and head to cub scout training. Instead, I got ready for the day and then crashed in bed with an upset stomach that I am still dealing with. I am making progress though. I spent the majority of the day in bed yesterday and all day in my chair today. I have to be up and around tomorrow because Matt heads back to work. He has been a trooper this weekend taking over my duties. The kids have been on a strict schedule and things have gone pretty least from my perspective.
Eleanor got sick last night and Matt did a great job taking care of her. She felt better today, but she's not back to her loud, care-free self yet. Hopefully the rest of the kids will stay healthy!
Check out Matt's post "Saturdoom."

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Soiled Pampers Rest In Nasty Garbage...After reading PJ's Friday Feast where she had to come up with a sentence using the letters in the word Spring, I just had to come up with one of my own, so there it is.
It has been snowing lightly on this fine Spring day and it is still snowing. Many people here are tired of the snow and expect it to stop since it is Spring, but I know better, and really most of them should, too. May = Spring around here in my opinion and I think on May 1st we will celebrate the beginning of Spring. Spring is in the air now at times and we may have Spring-like days here and there, but the snow comes, too and I've stopped expecting it not to. And I must admit that I like the snow better in the Spring because it is warm enough to get out and enjoy it and it goes away quickly. Although I did enjoy the snow in the trees this winter. That is just beautiful, until the snow melts from the trees and you are left with brown snow along the roads and ice. Matt just helped my mom get her car unstuck in our driveway...winter woes have changed into Spring woes...Spring according to the calendar.

I was folding laundry in my room this afternoon when Eleanor came in with a big sigh.
Me: "What is the sigh for?"
Eleanor: "Because I'm 4."
Me: "What's wrong with being 4?"
Eleanor: "It takes so long!"
Spoken from a very impatient little girl who longs for her 5th birthday in May. A very social, free-spirited little girl who longs to go to school with her older sisters. I long for it, too Eleanor and it will be here before we know it, even though it feels forever away.

Tonight was my 4th evening to be out this week. My mom & I escaped to Enrichment meeting where we had a yummy dinner, listened to a menopause presentation from a sister who is finishing nursing school, did some yoga, and then ate cake. It was a very nice evening with the ladies of our branch.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to our home

Zach wanted to take a bath this afternoon, so I let him. Then Eleanor climbed in, too. I removed the soap, shampoo, and conditioner so they wouldn't empty them during their play, and with the curtain closed, they had lots of fun. I checked on them often, but apparently not often enough from what I saw the last time I went in.

Zach was filling his cup and dumping the water on the rug. The rug was soaked! And the toilet paper that fell off the counter was soaked, too. Bath time was over despite Zach's protest!

PJ invited her readers to share 13 random things around their homes. I had so much fun looking at the pictures she posted and reading about them that I have to participate, too. My first picture is the one above, focusing on the tub area. It is the one area in our home that reminds me that we live in a condemned trailer. The shower walls are disgusting and they look worse than the ones we replaced many years ago. The tub is sinking and pulling apart from the wall. I have no desire to put money into this problem. I'd rather use the money to pay off a debt. I long for the day when I step into our new shower in our new house!

The next item is our computer. It gets A LOT of use. Everyone is attracted to it.

Then we have our First Grade Hand prints. Zoe's is on the left and Emily's is on the right.

Our hat and mitten box, which yes, is still in use. Our green tub full of boots and shoes is behind it, and the toy box to the right. Add the coats above and you've got yourself an area that never looks tidy! A mudroom is a must in our new house.

Scrapbooks! Many hours of work, but worth it.

The board! Don't get caught sneaking out of your room at bedtime. It is also used when Kate is taking a nap during the day.

I question other people who still have their Christmas decorations up, but yet we still have these lights hanging in the kids' room...because Zach is afraid of the dark.

Oh to have windows that don't need to be opened with vise grips! And sadly only a few of our windows actually open. Oh and notice the writing on the wall. No writing on the new walls!

I'm not one that needs a huge closet, but one bigger than this would be nice.

The carseat that Kate has outgrown and is awaiting the new arrival.

Our attractive, gray folding chairs...and 3 high chairs/booster seats!

Library books! It's nice to have children's library books in our house again. I used to keep them in the girls room in a basket, but since Kate is in the ripping books stage, they are now up high in the living room where she can't reach them.

Don't leave home without a duck or crow call...and a gun! And having a salt stencil above your door is a must.

And this sums it up.

Some other random notes...

Kate now nods her head yes when we ask her if she wants something and she does. And I'm pretty sure she said "no" today. Now that she's a walker, I'm focusing on her talking. She tries to say "all done" when she is done eating, which is so cute.

Eleanor calls Zach "a poopy head" when she is mad at him now.

Zoe took the bus to my parents' home this afternoon, so she could ride to Achievement night with my mom. It really makes a difference around here when one child is away.

Matt & I met with Emily's teacher this evening for a parent/teacher conference. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about Emily. "Emily is a delight" was one thing she said. She is self-motivated and always does her best. Emily is considerate of her classmates and helps them when she notices they are having trouble with something. The teacher's one concern was Emily's headaches. Emily hasn't complained lately about them, but her teacher will continue to watch for signs that Emily has one and continue to document when Emily sees the nurse for them.

Esther watched the kids while we went to the conference and then Esther & I went visiting teaching. We had a very nice visit. The good news of the visit was hearing that this sister's daughter who has breast cancer, no longer has it. The last tests showed nothing. The power of prayer!

And the day wouldn't be complete without getting pulled over for a tail light out. Waiting for the cop gave me an opportunity to dig out all the old insurance cards from the glove box, and luckily I had the current one in my coat pocket!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I added Zach & Kate's new birthday pictures to our wall today. I had to move all the pictures one space to the left, so there will be room in Emily's row for her new picture. The cheap frames I bought last year are not staying on the wall very well since I moved all the pictures. One of the frames fell and knocked over Zach's 1 year picture and broke the glass. My goal in the future is to have 114 NICE frames that match to put all of the kids' birthday pictures in. The pictures are 5x7, so I'd like 8x10 frames with a mat. Someday.

I'll fix Zach's row tomorrow. I'm also planning on getting Zach's birthday pictures/cards ready to be mailed out tomorrow as well. I cut the pictures today and wrote on the back of them.

Zach had a "I'm going to be as mean as I possibly can to Kate day" today. It drove me nuts!

I made a to do list for each of the kids this afternoon, so they would be completely ready for bed before my mom got here to watch them while Matt & I went to Stake Leadership training. They enjoyed checking things off their list as they got done and they were fed and ready for bed when my mom got here, so they were able to watch "Aristocats" before going to bed. After last night's bath fiasco with Zach, my mom appreciated not having to do much this evening.

During the Primary part of training this evening, we talked about children with special needs, what is going well in our Primaries, and Cub Scouting. It was a good meeting. My mom is the secretary for the Stake Primary, so she should have been there, too, but she felt it was more important for me to be there, so she volunteered to watch the kids. Yes, I have a great mom!

My shoulder was feeling better this afternoon, but after putting my coat on this evening, it is hurting again. At least I know it WILL get better eventually.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Book completed

Today was productive and lazy at the same time. I got caught up on the laundry and read my book, which I finished this evening. It was a good day for Kate to be cranky because it gave me an excuse to cuddle with her and my book. :-)

My Mom came over to watch the kids this evening while Matt & I went to meet with Zoe's teacher and then we went to visit the Craig's who are on our Home Teaching list. I wanted Zoe & Emily to have their baths before my Mom got here, so she wouldn't have to worry about it, so they did, but then Zach & Eleanor wanted one too. So Zach helped himself into the tub as I was draining Emily's water and refused to get out, so he got a bath. Then Zoe was ready for her bath, so she got in with him, and then I couldn't get him out of the tub because he was having too much fun with Zoe. After awhile, Zoe & Zach got out of the tub, and then Eleanor climbed in, and then Zach climbed back in after her. They were in the tub when Matt & I left. So much for having things under control for when my Mom got here! She finally bribed Zach out of the tub about 20 minutes after we left by telling him he could have another bath tomorrow, this was after draining the water from the tub while Zach was still in the tub and stopping him repeatedly from refilling the tub. Zach has never been this obsessed about being in the bath before. I hope he doesn't want a bath tomorrow because I have no intention of giving him one. I'll have to give Kate her bath tomorrow when Zach is busy and not paying attention!

Zoe is still doing well in school and her teacher enjoys having Zoe in her class. She mentioned that Zoe talks a lot about her family at school, which was nice to hear. I guess Zoe enjoys us more than she lets on. We had a nice, long visit with her teacher (almost an hour!) and pretty much everything that was said was positive. The only improvement that Zoe needs to work on is double checking her work when she is done, especially in math. There were a few math papers that she made minor mistakes on that could have been caught and corrected if Zoe would have checked the work she did. But other than that she is doing great.

After taking about a year off from Home Teaching, Matt & I made our first attempt today to visit a family and we succeeded! We had a very nice visit. Our Home Teaching routine came to a screeching halt after Kate was born and we're just now recovering...several months away from having another baby!

I don't know what is going on with my right shoulder, but it has been hurting the past few days. I'm not sure if I did something to it Friday while exercising or if I slept on it funny, but is aches and it hurts when I lift my arm up. It is quite painful when I brush my teeth and it hurt when I took the clothes out of the dryer today. I noticed that I use my left hand/arm now when I need to reach for something. I hope it gets better soon!

Emily has had a stuffy nose the past few days and now she has an ear ache. Awhile after we got home, I noticed her sitting up in her bed crying. She had told me this afternoon that her ear hurt and it was still hurting and hurt worse when she laid down, so I gave her some medicine and now she is asleep in my chair with a warm pack on her ear. Hopefully she'll be feeling better in the morning.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What do you do when you can't do laundry?

I didn't have laundry soap to do laundry today, so I felt lost all day. I should have been doing laundry, it's Monday. I decided to clean the inside of our fridge, which needed to be done, but I didn't do as well of a job as I would have done if I was really in the mood to do it. You know what I mean? I just couldn't motivate myself to do much, which made for a long day.

Zach went outside to play with Eleanor today, which was his first time outside since he started potty training. He was very happy when I said he could go out to play. Kate watched them from a window and wished she could join them.

I started my book this evening and it is very good ("Getting Rid of Bradley"). I had to tear myself away to update you and now I must go read another chapter before I go to sleep. I fear I will have my nose in the book tomorrow in between laundry loads. I hope the kids are in the mood to play with each other tomorrow or in the mood to entertain themselves!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

The older kids were a bit disappointed this Easter morning with no egg hunting excitement going on, but they handled it very well. We had a nice day at church and then we went over to my parents' home for an Easter dinner. It was very yummy and nice.

I enjoyed watching Zach this afternoon practice his fathering skills. The baby's diaper was wet, so he said, and he changed her with some help from me. What a good Dad he is going to be!

I hope you had a nice Easter!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Eve

The Easter bunny came to our house last night! He must be one smart Easter bunny to know that our Sunday mornings are very busy and we leave the house early, so finding Easter treats on Saturday morning instead would be much more relaxing and the kids would have more time to enjoy the hunt and the treats. We had no idea about this, so when the kids woke up they were a bit confused. Zoe kept saying, "But it's not Easter." And I think I remember Emily saying it was weird, but it didn't take them long to get excited about finding Easter baskets and eggs. Will the Easter bunny come again tonight??? I wouldn't count on it.

Kate was the first one up this morning. She loved finding the plastic eggs and shaking them. She wondered what was inside of them, but no one would open them for her.

Zach tried hard to open his, to the point where he was shaking from trying so hard.

Eleanor had no problem.

Look at all the eggs Emily found in the kitchen!

The goodies found in the eggs went into a big bowl to share. Kate REALLY wanted to get into that bowl!

No luck with the bowl, so she moved on to play with the empty eggs. Notice the Easter basket with the typed name..."Does the Easter Bunny know how to type?" asked Zoe. Sure does!

Having time to sit and enjoy a treat would not have happened on Sunday morning!

The gang is all here humoring me for a group picture before diving into the candy.

Zach spent most of the day carrying his "green basket" around and playing with the plastic eggs.

Eleanor received some new underwear from the Easter Bunny as well. After she opened the package she shouted, "The Easter Bunny went to Warmart! It smells like Warmart! And sure enough, her underwear smells like "Warmart".

Zoe, Emily, Eleanor, Zach, and I made it to the library this morning to give back 2 books that were long overdue and to check out new books. We haven't been to the library since before Christmas! The librarian said it must be Spring because we were out and about. It has been a long winter. The one thing I really miss about not having a car to use during the week is not getting to story time on Wednesday mornings. Zoe was excited to discover that our library has all of the Nancy Drew books. Eleanor had fun picking out Disney books. Emily found easy reading chapter books to enjoy, and Zach sat at the table to look at books for a few minutes and then decided it would be much more fun to run around. And after Eleanor used the bathroom, Zach had to use it too because it was a new toilet to explore! Matt thinks that maybe Zach will become a plumber. I'm glad he doesn't have Emily's fear of public toilets. I wasn't going to check out a book since I have several books here I want to read already, but after looking at the new book pile, I couldn't resist "Getting Rid of Bradley" by Jennifer Crusie. I'll let you know if it was worth the read when I'm done. I'm hoping to read a bit before bed. I am so glad we finally made it to the library today! It was fun to read Eleanor's books to her when we got home because she doesn't sit to be read to very often. I have noticed that we don't read as much when we don't have library books around to read...even though we have 3 shelves full of books in the kids' room!

This day wasn't eventful enough, so we threw in a friend birthday party for Zoe at our local bowling center. Matt stayed home with Zach and Kate. My parents came to the party and they were a big help. This was my first public birthday party for any of my kids, so it was a new experience. And it started off with the guy running the center telling me that I wasn't in the book of reservations...even though I had called last Friday night and talked with a guy who said I was in the book and I didn't need to confirm my reservation, that I just needed to show up today. So I did, and luckily we were able to have our party even though they weren't expecting us. There was another big group before us, so we had to wait a bit before we could bowl. Zoe had 6 friends at her party, plus Emily & Eleanor, and they all had fun bowling together. It was nice having an all girl party because they were all pretty mellow and got along. When the bowling started getting old after about 45 minutes of bowling, we had Zoe open her presents before the pizza was done since we were behind schedule. She enjoyed all of her gifts, but most especially the $25 a friend gave her!, a new Webkinz dog, and some headbands. The pizza was delicious and we ended with Grammie's delicious cake. The party was a big success. Zoe had a great time as did her friends. I would definitely do a bowling party again, although next time I will book the party in person and not overlap another party. But overall it was fun and the clean up was pretty easy. :-)

Eleanor bowled one turn and then decided she had had enough.

While we were bowling, a few of the girls asked me if they could go play air hockey. I told them they could and then they said, "But we don't have any money" to which I replied, "Neither do I!" They waited until their parents came to pick them up to get money for the game before leaving.

I only had a credit card (bank card) to pay for the party, but the bowling center doesn't take credit cards, so my Dad went home to get his checkbook to pay for the party and then I paid him back. While the girls and I were waiting for my parents to return, Eleanor made a new friend. Here she is (the one kneeling on the left), right at home with people she doesn't know and I don't know. When we left she shouted to her new friend, "I'll see you at my party!" Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A new cat?

Not in this house. It's just Eleanor making herself into a cat with the touch of a marker. One of the girls said it looked like she had a mustache, so then Eleanor decided she didn't want a "mouse beard" anymore and spent the next 10 minutes scrubbing it off.

Zoe & Emily had the day off from school today. It has been a long day. They were excited when my Mom came over to babysit for the evening and I was ready to escape. :-) Matt & I went to Pizzeria Uno and enjoyed a relaxing dinner. That's our spot and I always enjoy my time there with Matt. We watched "Dan in real life" when we got home. It was so good. Go rent it! The first 5 minutes gave us a glimpse of our lives in a few years with Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor. What have we gotten ourselves into???

Zach continues to make progress with the potty everyday. Yesterday afternoon while he was coloring he shouted, "I'm done! I'm done!" He had the I've got to go potty look, so I asked him if he needed to go potty. He shouted, "Yes!" and then he ran down the hall and into the bathroom. He's not pooping in his underwear or on the floor now which is nice.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Everything is cute today, except the crankiness

Kate discovered a ladybug on the keyboard this morning and was quite amused by it. She kept pointing at it and talking to it. She does the same thing when I'm holding her and she can see out a window. Maybe she'll be our nature girl.

Zach loves to play on the computer. He was playing a game on the Nickjr site today when he couldn't figure something out, so I was trying to figure it out, but wasn't having much luck. When Zach noticed that I needed help as well, he pointed out the help button to the game and clicked on it. Smart boy!

Kate has learned to shake her head no when she doesn't want something. I like it when the kids get old enough to communicate what they want and don't want. But it can be a challenge when they say no to something that isn't an option!
Kate has been super cranky this week and it's probably because she has a cold and she may be getting more teeth because she has been soaking her shirts with drool. If she is awake, then she wants to be held or eating. Somehow I have had a productive week cleaning. Taking advantage of Kate's nap times has helped.

Zoe is discovering that $50 doesn't go far at Lands' End. You can buy 1 or 2 things depending on the price. She is having a hard time deciding what she wants, but she does know she wants something for summer.

Emily made this bunny at school. There is a styrofoam container underneath the cotton balls, so the bunny mouth opens and there is Easter grass inside and an Easter egg. Cute!

"Taco Bill" received his first gift today from his Aunt Kerri & Uncle Jon. It's funny to see baby boy clothes again. They are so cute!

It's also funny to see big boy underwear in the laundry!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter is coming!

Not only has Kate become a walker, but she is a climber now, too. This is her new favorite spot.

Eleanor likes to play hide and seek with Kate behind the coats.

Matt & I were planning on being at a Stake Leadership training this evening, but it has been postponed until next week because of the snowy/rainy weather. We took advantage of this family night to color Easter eggs. The kids had a great time and all the eggs came out nice...except the one that Emily dropped on the floor before she had a chance to color it.

Emily loves coloring Easter eggs and looks forward to it every year. She's the one we count on to remind us to do it!

We thought Kate might throw a tantrum from not being able to participate, but she was content to watch her siblings.

Zach liked the green color and was starting to look like the incredible hulk when we were done.

Zach really got into this activity and was not happy when we were done. He wanted to color some more!

Birthday Pictures

Card from Aunt Kris & family

American Girl TV

Card from me & Matt including her Lands' End gift card.

Wasting no time to see her Nintendo!

Zoe with Grammie's delicious cake!

Zoe's cake is getting brighter every year and it's getting harder to blow out all the candles with one breath!