Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flying Solo

Matt left early this morning to get on the bus in Bangor @ 6am to head to the temple. I talked with him this evening on the phone and he has had a nice day in the temple. :-)

The kids & I had fun at my parents' house this afternoon. My Mom hosted a thirty one and a scentsy party, so Zoe, Emily & I went to that. I bought the cutest bag that I can't wait to get and to show you! The younger kids hung out upstairs watching "Babe" and "Rio". My Dad downloaded "Rio" onto Eleanor's mp3 player and she is in heaven! I predict that she will have it memorized soon from watching it over and over again! Eleanor watched "Rio" on her mp3 player, but Kate & Noah watched it on the TV. Zach went to Harry's birthday party and he had a super fun time! He came home with lots of fun stuff in his goodie bag!

Our evening went well because Zoe helped out so much. :-) I dropped the kids off at home with Zoe (her idea) and then I ran a few errands. When I got home, the house was clean, the kids had eaten their treat, and baths had begun. Being able to watch a movie is a great motivator!

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