Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mysteries Solved

Remember the sneakers that Noah lost at church several months ago? He found them today! He had placed them on a chalkboard tray in the Primary room. The mobile chalkboard is never used and it faces a wall, so you can't see the tray. I looked on the floor near that chalkboard, but never on the tray! Noah was very happy to find his Spiderman sneakers and he wore them home.

Several of the kids have had rosy cheeks and itchy rashes this week. The answer to these symptoms came when I read the school newsletter this evening. Fifth disease is going around the schools. I am glad to know the cause of these rashes!

Justin Millis came over this morning to help Matt put tarps over the new house. They had a productive morning!

The kids & I went over to my parents' house to provide cleaning service this morning. Then we headed to church with my Mom to change the Primary bulletin board and to set up chairs for Primary. We stopped at Walmart before coming home. I am now the proud owner of a dustbuster! I am anxious to vacuum the Yukon with it!

I looked in the paper yesterday for Kate & Noah's picture at the museum, but I didn't see it. Our librarian called me this morning to let me know that Kate & Noah were on the front page of the State section of the Bangor Daily News today. Exciting! I'll try to post the picture tomorrow.

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