Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year News

My niece, Victoria was shot in the head early this morning. This is what my sister, Donna wrote on her FB page...
This is the piece of the bullet they pulled out of my daughters head last night.

A stray bullet came down around 12:20am as she was driving home, hit her drivers side window and embedded itself behind her ear. Official diagnosis from emergency room says gunshot wound of head with an additional diagnoses of fractured skull, subarachnoid hemorrhage and subdural hematoma - she has a little internal bleeding. We're on our way back to the hospital now to make sure the bleeding isn't worse. So glad she's ok, though. Still trying to wrap my own brain around how random this was and how she could be in that spot at that moment. And, so very thankful for windows! And, as my mom said, I know she was guided to a safe stop. She listened when a voice in her head told her to pull over gently and stop the car. She can't remember when it happened. She was driving along and then suddenly her head hurt and her window was broken.

I am grateful that she is doing okay! She was scheduled to have a cat scan this afternoon, but it was changed to tomorrow. I hope we receive good news tomorrow! Please keep her in your prayers.

Noah had his first day in Primary as a Sunbeam! I wanted to get a picture of him in his new white shirt and brown pants from Old Navy, plus he wore Zach's tie, but it was too busy of a day for me. He looked so handsome! Matt did get a picture of Kate looking cute in her big girl outfit. This was her first day as a CTR, but she is still in the Sunbeam class with Noah, Bo, and Ian since she is the only 4 year old who comes regularly.

I'm a big fan of setting new goals at the start of a new year. This year I am eliminating sugar and white flour from my diet. I will also continue to exercise using our Wii Fit. It will be a Get Fit 2012! I have been eating junk for too many months and it is time to get my body back in shape. It will not be an easy journey, but I am committed to it. Matt started his diet the day after Christmas, so we will now support each other in our weight loss.


Courtney Wilson said...

Oh my goodness! We'll be praying for her!

Kris said...

That is terrible! I hope she recovers quickly. Oh my goodness!

I'm glad all is well at your house though - Happy New Year!