Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We lost our power last night around 8:00. We had just finished FHE (Monday night, Zoe & Emily were traveling back from MDI after their games) and Emily was in the shower and I was doing the dishes. Thankfully, Emily was all rinsed off when her shower unexpectedly ended. At first, she thought one of her siblings had turned the light off on her. She was not happy! The kids got ready for bed using a flashlight and water from the fridge. We bundled them up and put them to bed, not knowing how long the power would be out. It ended up being out for an hour and a half, so thankfully it didn't get too cold in the house. I need to put batteries in one of our bigger flashlights and put it somewhere that is hidden from the kids. If the younger ones know where a working flashlight is, they will use it for fun until the batteries are dead. We appreciated Matt's keychain flashlight last night!

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