Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tomorrow is Friday already?

Today was a much needed cleaning day. It was nice to be home after being on the go the past 3 days. This morning, Kate told me she was in charge of the day and we were staying home! That was already my plan. Our afternoon and evening turned out to be busy, though. We went ice skating after school. Everyone, but Zoe since she was at her basketball game in Old Town. I had my doubts about being out in 19 degree weather, but when you are all bundled up and moving, it doesn't feel that cold. Daisy, Anna & their Dad met us at the skating rink. That made Eleanor super happy since she is always asking to get together with Anna. Thanks to the free skates you can borrow at the rink, Noah was able to skate for the first time! He is a natural, like Zach. Noah's first time on skates and he walked on the mat to the rink all by himself! He didn't do that well on the ice and soon after wanted to put his boots back on. He still hung out on the ice, though. Kate did better at skating today. She wouldn't let go of me the other day, but today she tried skating by herself. She put her boots on after awhile, too. We borrowed hockey sticks and pucks and the kids had fun playing hockey. We didn't have one big game, everyone just did their own thing. Zach fell and bumped his head on the ice. He laughed while crying when I pointed out that he was on a giant ice pack. :-)

I made a big dinner since we were all going to be home this evening. It felt so nice to sit down to a hot meal as a family. We should do that more often!

Matt bought a new printer, so I can now print from my Xoom and he can print from his iPod. Sweet! Now we need to order a cord, so I can post pictures here from my Xoom!

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