Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye November

The Christmas lights are up and the Christmas Countdown books are wrapped!  Starting tomorrow, the kids will take turns unwrapping a Christmas book each night for us to read.  We are excited!
14 degrees this morning!
 Ninja Noah...I am going to miss his entertainment next year!
Zoe's 1st basketball game against Searsport.
Museum Sand Art
Look Mom, I'm gliding!
I would love the meat of this lobster claw!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Traveling around Maine

Kim & I met up at the Keating's home to go visit with a few sisters in our branch.  We went from Surry to Center Harbor to see Marilyn.  Marilyn is a smart & fun 80ish year old woman who has a beautiful view of the ocean.  We had so much fun visiting that we were late leaving to go see Wanda who lives in Surry.  Thanks to Google Maps, we found our way without getting lost.  We had so much fun getting to know Wanda better!  So much fun that we were late leaving her home, so I could pick up my grandmother to bring her to a doctor's appointment and pick up the kids from school.  We rushed back to the Keating's, so Kim could get her car and head back home.  I decided to pick Kate up first to give myself an extra 10 minutes, which worked out perfect.  I got there right on time.  I picked up my grandmother and then Emily, Eleanor & Zach.  I dropped the kids off at home (Noah spent the day with my mom, & Zoe had a basketball game) and then headed to Brewer for my grandmother's appointment.  Rush, rush, rush.  Once we got there, that was my time to breathe and relax for a bit!  We even did some shopping at Walmart without rushing.  I brought my grandmother home and then met my mom at my house.  Back into the car to bring Emily to practice and then head to Castine to visit with lovely Wendy.  It was too short of a visit, like all of the visits today!  We picked Emily up, stopped at the grocery store for a few items and then my mom treated Emily to McDonald's, but shhh that is a secret!
Even though it has been a super busy day, it is a day that leaves me feeling good. :-)

Zoe's Game Update...My mom, Noah & Matt watched the game. Zoe scored 6 points.  Yay!  They played Surry and won 50 something to 2.  Ouch.  After halftime, the score went back to 0 - 0, but Surry didn't score at all during the second half.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Church Ball

Noah & I ate lunch at Governor's today with my mom. When we brought my mom back to work, Noah noticed trees & branches growing up the side of my mom's building. He wondered why my mom worked in a building that looked like that. Me: "They think it looks good." Noah: "But it really looks bad, right?" I laughed and laughed! He is such a funny little guy!

 Basketball at the church on Wednesday evenings is recruiting new people every week! Eleanor joined in this evening with her friend, Heather. It's fun to hear the friendly competition and laughter in the gym. I played a few games of knock out with the remaining players at the end. I like to shoot baskets, but I've never been a fan of playing the game.

 A new young women's presidency was called a few Sundays ago. Andrea Updike is the president, Anne Dalton is the 1st counselor and Pat Rand is the 2nd Counselor. Andrea, Zoe & Kayla made gingerbread houses this evening.
Emily and Eleanor made Christmas ornaments during Activity Days.
 Zach made a wooden toy soldier during Cub Scouts. Lots of fun craft projects happened this evening!
Kate was so sweet this evening as she helped Lola, who is almost 2 get a drink from the fountain. Kate was so gentle & kind. It was a sweet moment to witness.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I missed it

I renewed my license today, which was pretty quick & painless. Then Noah & I went to the children's museum. We spent most of our time in the Dino Dig. We mostly played in the sand. We dug to the bottom of the sandbox and made a flower or a volcano, depending on who you ask. Zoe had her first basketball game this evening. The kids ate snacks on the way to the game. I gave Noah a wipe before getting out of the car and asked him to please wipe up. Noah's reply, "And shape up?" The best 5 minutes of Zoe's game were in the last period, and I missed them! No more taking the kids to the bathroom during the game! When I left for the bathroom break, we were behind 15ish - 4. We were behind 28 - 20 when I got back into the gym! Zoe was shooting a foul shot when I walked in and she made it. :-) Subs were put in and the comeback was over. We lost. No more bathroom breaks during the games!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Night

Kate picked CandyLand for our game this evening. Kate didn't want a partner, so Matt & I teamed up with Noah, Eleanor & Zach were partners and Zoe & Emily were partners. We played through all of the cards and then we took out the fun cards (the characters that make the game last FOREVER) and just played with the colored cards. Kate got upset once and went to sulk in the bedroom, but she came back to win the game! Zachary picked Dunkin Donuts for our treat. This is a treat that everyone loves! Zoe, Zach & Kate have become fans of the chocolate kreme, Eleanor & Noah love the Boston Creme & Emily loves the chocolate butternut. So yummy!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Not too late to rake

There was much grumbling when the kids were given the task of raking leaves today, but they did a great job once they got out and did it!  Emily, Eleanor & Zach worked the hardest.  Zoe was next door babysitting, so she got out of raking.

Zach said this to me as I was putting carrots in his salad, "I am so thankful to have a mom who helps me."  Zach is such a sweet, sweet boy!

I took the kids to the "Dinosaur Pool" this afternoon.  Matt prepared dinner, so when we got home the table was set and it was time to eat.  Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is?!

Here are a few pictures that I took at the library yesterday. 

Matt & I are at my parents' house watching Notre Dame play USC.  Go Manti Te'o and Notre Dame!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

We had some fun in Ellsworth today.  Zoe went bowling with Kayla, Alex & John.  The rest of the kids & I went to the library.  Emily wanted some books to read, so visiting a library was on her to-do list today.  It was our first time at the Ellsworth library, so there was lots of exploring to do and I signed up for a card.  I love picking out books to read to the younger kids at home.  I also read some books to them there.  We now have books to listen to in the car.  They would have been nice to have yesterday!  I'm excited to listen to Junie B. Jones!

My Mom, Grandmother & I went to Bangor to see "Breaking Dawn Part 2".  I think it was my least favorite Twilight movie.  This is good, though because I am content to be done with the Twilight Saga.

Matt's day hasn't been as fun.  He went into work for a few hours, worked on the house for a few hours & was home the rest of the day.  No complaints from him, though.  I am thankful for such a wonderful husband who takes great care of us!

As a family, we talked about what we are thankful for this evening. We have so much to be thankful for!  Our eternal family, good health, our homes, wonderful family & friends, the gospel, yummy food, heat, indoor plumbing, books & our TV to name a few.  We watched Duck Dynasty together before bedtime.  You should check this show out if you haven't yet.  It is very entertaining!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank You Thanksgiving

For such a wonderful day!
We started this Thanksgiving Day with pie!  There is always room for dessert when you eat it first.  :-)

Then we went to visit the Battaline's.   
 They live in such a beautiful part of Maine!
 Kate & Ralph had a great day together!
 Schoodic Point

We loved watching the water spray up as it hit the rocks.

 Zach found a sea urchin!

 Christmas photo?
 Zach & Kim bonded today.  The kids hunted for good walking sticks along the way.

 Follow the blue birds

 The views were beautiful!

 Going down was more of a challenge.

 Kate wasn't sure about going on a hike, but she did great!

 Follow the blue paint
 and the cairns

 It was such a beautiful day!

Then it was off to Dysarts for our traditional turkey dinner (and cheese sandwich dinners) with my parents & grandmother.  4pm arrival was pretty near perfect.

Did you notice that Kate got a hair cut yesterday?  Before...

We hope all of our family & friends have had as awesome of a day as we have had!