Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It all works out in the end

I took Kate & Noah to the Bangor Auditorium today to see "Sesame Street Live". My kids haven't watched Sesame Street as much as I did as a kid or as much as other kids do now since we don't get any TV channels. They've seen it enough though to know the main characters. Even I don't know some of the new characters they have added. Kate & Noah enjoyed the first half of the show. During intermission, they complained about being hungry, wanting cotton candy and popcorn, but I wasn't going for that. They had snacks in the car that they ate on the way to the auditorium and they had more snacks to eat when the show was over. They also wanted an Elmo balloon, but I wasn't going for that either. $10 for a balloon! I felt bad for the mom or dad who bought the balloon that almost immediately ended up in the rafters. It wasn't the only one to end up there. I wondered as my children complained about not getting the stuff that they wanted if that was going to override the fun of watching the show. Then Kate came up with an awesome idea to go to Dunkin Donuts after the show. Yes, we could do that. That gave them something else to look forward to and they quit asking for stuff at the show. :-) Kate got right back into the show after intermission. Noah asked a few times when it was going to be over, but he pretended to be super Grover as we walked to the car, so I think he liked the show. We headed to DD after the show, but we passed McDonald's and decided to go there instead. I spent just a little more than 1 Elmo balloon for 3 meals and 2 toys. :-)

Zoe & I went to church this evening for Cub Scouts and Young Women's. We had 1 hour to complete our activities and then head back to Bucksport. This was a bit stressful for me since I bought kits for the boys to make model dragsters and I wanted them completed this evening, so we can paint them next week and then display them at our Blue and Gold Banquet in 2 weeks. We got off to a slow start, some of the boys were covered in glue, some were unfocused, but we miraculously assembled all of the dragsters in 1 hour!

Zoe and I made it back to Bucksport for the Girls High School Varsity basketball game where Zoe, Emily & their teammates were recognized for their participation on the Middle School teams during halftime. Emily had practice after school and then my Dad brought her over to the high school to watch the jv game and then the varsity game. My Mom and Grandmother also watched both games. It was fun to watch the varsity team win by 53 points. :-)

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Kris said...

I'm glad everything worked out. Those are great pictures from your ice skating adventure! I am amazed at how old Zoe is looking. On Sunday, we were looking at pictures from your visit two years ago (1 1/2 really) and Zoe looks like a completely different person! That's funny that people were commenting on the "warmth" of 20 degrees. We were hoping for snow today but it's so warm it is raining instead :)