Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lots of Fun

Kate, Noah & I had a fun day at the Maine Jump. I surfed the internet while the kids jumped, so we were all happy. :-) It also made Noah happy that the basketball game that he always wants to play, but is always out of order, was working today! Kate & Noah spent quite a bit of time in the bounce house that has a ball and a basketball hoop in it. It was cute to see Noah trying to dribble the ball before he took a shot.

Eleanor & Zach had their first sign language class today after school. They loved it! They have learned the alphabet and they now know how to sign their names. Emily has not been in favor of Eleanor & Zach taking this class UNTIL she had the thought today that once they knew sign language, they could talk to each other in sign language and then they could be SILENT!

Zoe made a basket during her last game today. :-) Matt was there to see it. Zoe received an inbound pass right under the basket where she put it up and in!

My Mom & I went candlepin bowling with the Relief Society sisters this evening. Mom watched and the other 15 of us bowled. We had 3 teams of 5. Our team came in 3rd, but I was the only one out of all the teams to get a strike! I had the highest score. :-) Many of the sisters are from out west, so we heard a lot of "If this was REAL bowling or a REAL bowling ball...". We laughed a lot and we had a great time! Mom & I passed on the treats back at the church to enjoy a quiet dinner together at Denny's. It's probably a good thing that Friendly's is no longer a dinner option in Ellsworth because I would have to indulge in white flour and sugar if it was!

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