Friday, February 29, 2008


My Mom came over this morning to watch Eleanor, Zach, & Kate while I went Visiting Teaching. It was very sweet of my Mom to give up her sleep- in time to help me out. :-) My Mom had taken the day off since my sister, my sister's fiance, Doug, and two of her kids (Philip & Aly) were arriving today for a week's vacation and my Mom picked them up at the airport. My Dad brought Aly over to play with Zoe this afternoon and then I brought Zoe, Emily, & Aly over to my parents' home for dinner this evening. We picked up pizza on our way. We met Doug for the first time this evening and he had Emily laughing all through dinner, so he has nicknamed her "giggles". Doug reminds me of my Uncle Phil. He is very nice and he fits right into the family.

I completed my goal for the week of exercising 3 times. :-)

I spent most of the day reading. That's the trouble with me starting a book, I just read, read, read and I neglect everything else. I'm not done my book yet, so there is more reading to be done.

The brakes got fixed on the Yukon today. It is so nice to apply the brakes and not hear any scraping!

Matt is waiting for me to watch "We are Marshall", so I will "talk" to you tomorrow.


Phae-Jae said...

Yea for your Mom! What a hero:)

That is a really good movie, enjoy!

Kris said...

I didn't know your sister was engaged, that's exciting! It will be fun to have cousins in town. Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

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mindyluwho said...

I know whereof you speak about reading books and neglecting everything else. I have been known to stay up most of the night with a book I couldn't put down!

My MIL takes my two youngest each Wednesday for the day so that I can get some things done and run kids around. What a blessing these moms are!