Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday is a special day...

Matt & I went to the Worldwide Leadership Training this morning while my Dad took Zoe & Emily to their basketball practices and my Mom watched Eleanor, Zach, & Kate. I like going to these extra church meetings because I always come away uplifted and I gain new insight on different topics. The topic that was mentioned this morning that I enjoyed was the phrase "Family First". What does that really mean? It was brought up that making family prayer, family scripture study, and Family Home Evening a priority is putting "Family First". It was also brought up that church and family need to work together and church programs need to be scheduled with families in mind. With less church programs being scheduled, families need to make sure they are using this extra time together wisely (putting "Family First") not scheduling this time with other activities and/or using up the time watching tv, playing video games, and playing on the computer. In our families, we need to make sure we are taking advantage of every free moment we have together to actually spend time together and engage in fun, uplifting activities that will bring us closer together as a family and that will bring us closer to the Lord. That is putting "Family First".

Zoe enjoys playing with Kate, and Kate loves the attention from Zoe. Here is Zoe making Kate look adorable in Zach's sunglasses.

I took Kate to Walmart this afternoon for her 1 year old birthday picture. I took some pictures before we left of her cute outfit and smile. :-)

Kate was very good for her pictures. When I was doing some shopping with her after, a lot of people commented on how cute she looked in her Valentine dress. When Kate & I got home, dinner was made and ready to eat, which was so nice!

While Zach was playing with a balloon this evening, he ran into the living room wall and bumped his cheek. He has a little bruise there now. When you're not paying attention, those walls will get ya!

Eleanor's favorite phrase lately when she is mad or frustrated is "Darn it!". She shows signs at times of really being a teenager trapped in a 4 1/2 year old body. When we were next door this past week and I told her it was time to go, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "cool" in the laid back teenager way. I had to chuckle.

We are improving on using our Saturdays more wisely to get ready for Sunday. It is making our Sunday mornings so much more relaxed, but of course Saturday night is busy, busy, busy. I must admit that there are Saturdays when I look forward to relaxing Saturday evenings AND Sunday mornings as an empty nester, but then I'll get bored of that and want some chaos to spice things up, won't I...maybe.


Katie said...

I think Ryan, too, is a teenager stuck in a child's body. He rolls his eyes at me and says, "whatever mom!" So frusturating. Kate looks adorable in that dress! Having dinner made when you got home... sounds like you had an awesome day!

Kris said...

That sounds like a great day. Kate does look cute - I love the chubby legs!

Dawn said...

What a cute little polka dot dress!

Sammie-J said...

Oh my gosh I totally love Kate's dress. What a little cutie. Makes me want a girl now. Can't wait to see how the pictures came out.