Friday, February 22, 2008

Sleepy family=not a lot of patience!

We have been a tired bunch today. Not far into the morning, Zoe & Emily took a short nap on my bed. I've been dragging most of the day and by this afternoon I was ready to send my kids somewhere so I could be alone, but I have survived another day of mothering...and everyone is still alive and well. Matt & I have a couple of movies to watch and I was willing to watch one of them tonight, but Matt voted for an early bedtime, which is really what we need.

I spent the morning finishing our 2007 scrapbook while the kids had their computer time. One section of my green folder is empty! Only 6 sections to go.

I made boiled eggs today and Eleanor decided she wanted one. I was skeptical she would eat it, but I started peeling one for her. She got all excited and said, "I wonder what's inside! Do you think there's a chicken in there?!"
Me: "No, there's no chicken in here."
Eleanor: "Mom! Eggs have chickens in them you know." Duh!
Even while she was eating a tiny bit of the egg, she wondered if she would find a chicken. No luck.

Zoe asked me today if I thought Eleanor is going to be an artist when she grows up.
Eleanor: "No! I'm going to be a mermaid."

Kate was trying to take possession of Emily's blanket this afternoon. Emily tries to convince herself from time to time that she is ready to give her blanket to Kate, but it hasn't happened yet.

And here is Zach wanting to get in on the fun of having his picture taken. Note Emily & Kate "wrestling" in the background.


Kris said...

what a funny family!! I hope everyone gets a good sleep tonight...

Katie said...

a daughter for a exciting! i too had a sleepy day. i could not wake up today. I fell asleep at 4 while Ella was napping and ry cuddled up next to me and we nice!

Janae said...

Oh that Eleanor is hilarious! Her and Vivi have lots of sayings in common:) Cute picture of Zach. I think Kate looks happy at the thought of getting Emily's blanket:)

Rachelle said...

You have such cute kids!