Thursday, February 21, 2008

To blog or not to blog

For the day that is. We just got home from a church activity and it is late, but if I don't write about the day than by tomorrow it will probably be forgotten or seem too unimportant to write about. Zoe had achievement this evening and we also had a branch winter health fair. We talked about diet and exercise and we learned different exercises that can be done at home. I liked the emphasis on working out at home because a lot of us don't have the time or money to spend going to a gym, and I prefer to exercise at home anyway. Part of me would like to start exercising now (I had planned on waiting until after the baby is born, probably a year after), but the one pregnancy I exercised, which was with Zach, I had a super fast labor and almost didn't make it to the hospital before he was born...and I really don't want to repeat that experience...and I do believe it was the exercising that progressed the labor so quickly because I didn't exercise while pregnant with any of the girls and they were all 20+ hours of labor. So do I exercise and confirm that was why I had such a fast labor, or do I continue to use pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything I want and put off exercising for another year or so? I do enjoy exercising and I like putting a video into my DVD player to work out to, but finding the perfect opportunity to exercise without interruptions is a pain.
Eleanor had a great time on the bouncy ball this evening and she made some new friends. Zach slept through most of the activity and when he woke up and saw that he was at church, he insisted on going to nursery. Zoe and Emily had fun playing with the hula hoops and their friends.

I was cleaning an area in the kids' room this morning when Emily saw me and said, "Oh, so it's YOU who cleans our room. (I've been cleaning their room in the morning while Zoe & Emily are at school).
Me: "Did you think it was the cleaning fairy?"
Emily: "No, I thought it was us...because we do clean up you know."
We have different standards for clean, so I've been cleaning to my standard in the morning and letting them clean to their standard in the evening.

I was cleaning out a drawer this afternoon when Eleanor asked me what I wanted to play.
Me: "I want to play "clean this drawer".
Emily laughing: "I've never heard of that game before!"
She thought it was so funny that I called cleaning out the drawer a game. While cleaning out the drawer I found a sealed envelope with a $1 bill inside. Weird. Why did I keep a $1 bill in a sealed envelope? I had no idea (and still don't), so I opened it and spent it this evening.

The kids went outside to play this afternoon and when I looked out our kitchen window, I saw Zach swinging all by himself. He wasn't going very high, but he going enough to be content. It is so nice when the children are able to swing by themselves...although I know if I had been out there he would have insisted that I push him.


Kris said...

That was pretty crazy with Zach (the fast labor) - that would be enough to keep me from exercising too much! When it gets nicer maybe you could just stick to a little walking for exercise!

I play those games too. "who do you want to be [pretend to be in a game]?" "I want to be the Mommy, cleaning the kitchen."

I'm so impressed with all of the different activities your branch does! that is cool.

Janae said...

I think that kind of labor would bit the hilt on exercise for me too. You need time to get there and get that epidural:)

Phae-Jae said...

I had a three hour labor with Storm, it shocked me and made me panic during labor. So my vote, is not to chance it. Light exercise to help you feel good:)

Kristy said...

It is funny that your kids think that a fairy is cleaning up. We have had the same conversations at our house. But we also have a fairy that makes messes at our house as well!!!