Monday, February 25, 2008

Vacation has ended

Matt took the time this morning to adjust the straps to Kate's "new" car seat and I found the straps to Zach's "new" car seat, although there seemed to be a piece missing to keep the straps in place, so he is now using the shoulder belt. I was concerned that Zach would refuse to use the shoulder belt since he really liked the harness straps and whenever he would say he wanted to sit in Eleanor's seat when Eleanor wasn't in the car, he would decide to sit in his own seat when I would try to put the shoulder belt on him. But all went well this morning and he was happy to switch car seats and the way he was buckled in. Zoe was funny when she got into the car after church because it was the first time seeing Kate in a forward facing car seat and then she noticed that Eleanor had a different car seat and Zach had a different car seat AND was wearing the shoulder belt (Eleanor ended up using the car seat that was in the shed and Zach is using the seat Eleanor was using). We also moved Zoe from the back to the middle so she would have more room. And then we get to rearrange everyone when the baby comes! Kate did great in her "new" car seat, although she doesn't fall asleep like she did in her infant seat. Usually she falls asleep on the way to church, but this morning she didn't and on the way home she didn't give in to sleep until we were almost home.

The brakes on our Yukon are in bad shape. On the way to church this morning while Matt was pressing on the brake, Eleanor asked, "Do you hear that train?" Yeah, we hope to get our train sounding brakes fixed soon. I hate stopping when people are walking nearby because I always get funny looks from them.

Our Primary President was at church today, yay! It was so nice having her there and I'm glad she stayed for Primary. I still was basically in charge, but Primary felt complete with her there.

Zoe & Emily had a great time with Patti yesterday. They rented "Miracle Dogs 2" and "Scooby-Doo" to watch after they went swimming and ate lunch at McDonald's. Then they went out to dinner at "Wendy's" with Patti and her husband, Mike. Zoe & Emily have definitely gotten their fill of fast food this weekend! Although I was impressed when Zoe told me she ate a baked potato at Wendy's and Emily ate a baked potato and a salad.
They were quite tired when we got home from church and Zoe was a bit of a challenge this evening. She insisted that she wasn't going to school tomorrow and I really hope a good night's rest changes her mind in the morning.


Kris said...

I bet Zoe and Emily are tired! They had a lot of parties this week. Hopefully they'll both be off to school in the morning!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a fun week-end for the two big girls. I'm also impressed that they got the baked potato.

Elozia Marie said...

My brakes sounded like that a week ago ... I was cringing everywhere I drove, lol!

dawnae said...

musical chairs! I am not looking forward to figuring out where everyone is going to go once the baby gets here. I have a feeling my almost 12 year old is really going to have his nose out of joint! Glad to here everything worked out okay. I can't imagine any of my children ordering a baked potato at a fast food restaurant. Let me know your secret!

Janae said...

The car seat arranging is always a huge task. At least that is accomplished for now. Sounds like a fun weekend. I would like to see that movie also.