Thursday, February 07, 2008

"Taco Bill"

Matt always comes up with a name for our baby in the womb that is never seriously considered. So with this baby it was "Taco Bill" for a boy and "Taco Bell" for a girl.
I'm glad we are having "Taco Bill", especially since Zoe said she would run away if we were having another girl. The thought of being in a room with 4 sisters and Zach having his own room in the new house was not acceptable!

See you in July!

My ultrasound appointment went well. It was snowing yesterday and my mom came over to watch Eleanor, Zach, and Kate and to let me use her car. With a lot of determination and a prayer, I got her car out of our driveway! It was a stressful drive in the snow, but it was worth it. We knew within a few minutes of the ultrasound that our new baby is a boy, he was very cooperative that way. :-) But he wasn't positioned the right way to get good spine shots, so I may have to go back, but hopefully with the pictures they did get they'll be able to see what they need to and I won't have to go back. It's hard to make appointments these days since Matt has our car at work and needs it to get to court. I've been relying a lot on my parents, THANK YOU for all the babysitting and use of your cars!

We postponed Kate's party until tonight since Matt was at church last night, but I did let her open her gift from Jenn and her family. Eleanor insisted that Kate open a present, it IS her birthday, so with some help from her siblings and me, she got a taste of what is to come tonight.

Jenn also sent over a bunny that Kate is becoming attached to.

We're looking forward to more celebrating tonight!


Katie said...

Congrats on Taco Bill! That should even things out a bit more! Looks like kate is a pro at opening her presents, I bet she has a great party!

Gabriela said...

Taco Bill-I love it. Congrats on a little boy! I am finally ok with boys (after 3 in a row)-they are pretty fun.

Happy bithday Kate-what a cutie. I can't believe our babies are turning 1. And I can't believe you are going to have another one soon!!!

That's so cool about your doctor's bill-a testimony of tithing I am sure!

have a great day.

Kris said...

Kate looks a lot more grown up in these pictures. She is so cute. Matt, you are funny!! I'm so excited for you.

Sammie-J said...

Yeah, you're having a boy! Congrats. I'm glad you made it to your appointment yesterday, it was pretty yucky out.
So, as to answer your comment from the other day I am in the Bangor area, I live in Eddington. I've been going to the Bangor Rec on Tuesday mornings with Jordan, maybe sometime we could meet there. Although I'm unable to go next tuesday and the following tuesday.

Janae said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting a Taco Bill:) Happy Birthday baby Kate. Kate is a darling one-year-old. It looks like she was enjoying her present!

mindyluwho said...

Taco Bill, that's hilarious! The name I mean, not the fact you are having a boy! Congratulations!

And that Kate, what a cutie. I love the little post you wrote to her.

dawnae said...

Oh I know I am so late on this, but congrats! Another boy for you guys, now Zach will have a buddy to share all his toys with!!!!!!

LaRae said...

Obviously I am way behind the times here but wanted to say congrats! I am sure Zach will teach Taco Bill many wonderful tricks. How exciting for your family!