Thursday, February 14, 2008

Too tired to blog, but here I am

This is Matt's answer to his sister's question about what he was using to shoot the mouse last night. I'm glad he wrote this because it gives a glimpse of Matt and I had no clue what he used, I only know that his low power ammo is loud in the house when the kids are asleep and I'm sitting right next to the gun!..."Kris I use the .22, but with pretty low power ammo. The bullet didn't even go through the floor, just put a little groove in the vinyl and then bounced up into the wall, and then off the wall into side of the washing machine. I think what I will miss about the trailer is being able to shoot guns indoors." The mouse is still on the loose and showed itself today. I was making our bed this morning when I saw the mouse start to dart into our room and then turn around and head back to the living room/kitchen area. Zoe saw it and screamed and tried to find it. As she was looking for it in the living room, I saw it in the kitchen heading for the washer. "Our" mice seem to like chocolate, so Matt put chocolate in the mouse trap (that just catches the mice), but this particular mouse doesn't seem to care for the piece of chocolate in the trap. Maybe it won't be so picky tonight.

It was a snow day today and we were all up at 6am. I took advantage of some free time when I would normally be getting snacks/lunch ready to check out blogs. I had planned on having the kids play in the morning and then let them have computer/tv time in the afternoon, but by 8:30am they were driving me nuts with their fighting. They requested a tent in the living room, so I made them one and then ended up putting "The Little Princess" starring Shirley Temple in for them to watch in their tent. It kept them happy for awhile and the fighting stopped.

I dug out my overstuffed scrapbook folder and started to work on our 2007 scrapbook. This folder has a section for 2007, 2008, previous years, the kids, and school papers. My goal is to empty this folder and get rid of it because it is all stretched out now and the snap on the top broke.

I made a small, very small dent in it today.

Zoe and I taught Emily how to play crazy eights later on in the morning and she caught on quickly. The game went on forever, so we finally quit. They were ready to watch "Saved by the bell" on the computer from Netflix. Since my plan of having them play all morning didn't work, I decided to let them use the computer/tv every other hour, so they had to play for an hour when a show or movie was over before they could watch another one or play on the computer. It always amazes me how loud and chaotic it is during play time and then how quiet and peaceful it can be when they are zoning out in front of a movie or show or playing on the computer. I think that's why it is so tempting for us moms to just let them zone away, it is so much easier!

When I put my boots on this afternoon to go check the mail (in the rain), I discovered a little red ball in one boot and a binkie in the other. I had to laugh. Kate loves to put things in our boots and shoes.

I searched the internet for heart coloring pages this afternoon (during play time) and found this blog, Fun 4 The Children. I think it will be a good resource for different activities to do with the kids and to get information about miscellaneous offers and websites. I thought the free 2 year Lego Magazine Subscription post was interesting. I haven't checked out how to go about getting the free subscription yet, but I would like to. So anyway, the kids colored for awhile and the house is now decorated for Valentine's Day tomorrow. Last night I was telling my mom how Eleanor doesn't get into craft activities like Zoe and Emily do, and it was confirmed to me when I asked Eleanor if she wanted to color and she said, "no thank you" in her sweet, teenager way, that she would much rather play. She was dressed in her pretty flower dress with Zoe's church shoes and sunglasses keeping her hair out of her face. Too cute!

She did end up coloring eventually and ended up picking a page to color that Emily told her not to pick because Emily was coloring that same page. I asked Eleanor if she was picking the page just to bug Emily and she sweetly replied, "Yes, I want to color what Emily is coloring."

tagged me to do the ABC's of me, so here they are.
A- Attached or single: Happily attached
B- Best Friend: Matt & My Mom
C-Cake or Pie: Both. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting from our local grocery store or the chocolate pie I make with graham cracker crust.
D- Day of Choice: Friday...Date night!
E- Essential Item: Computer
F- Favorite Color: Navy Blue
G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Gummi Bears...although I could do without either of these.
H- Hometown: Milford
I- Indulgence(s): Eating out, Computer time, and Reading
J- January or July: July, although this July is going to be CRAZY!
K-Kids: Zoe, Emily, Eleanor, Zachary, Kate, and "Taco Bill" expected around the 4th of July.
L-Life is incomplete without: The gospel...being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
M- Marriage Date: December 10, 1996
N- Number of Siblings: 2 older sisters (one who died shortly after she was born).
O- Oranges or Apples: Apples, although I do like to eat tangerines around Christmastime.
P- Phobias or Fears: Getting stung by a bee or hornet.
Q-Quotes(s): Zoe to Emily when Emily was about 1 and into chewing on books..."Don't eat it, read it!"
R- Reason To Smile: My kids getting along, cute kid sayings.
S- Season: Summer, although Fall is a close second.
T- Tag: Grandma Dawn
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I have an extra bone in my foot.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Oppressor of Animal...I just had a tasty cheeseburger last night. :-)
W- Worst Habit: Focusing on the past and future instead of the present.
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: I've had both, but pregnancy ultrasounds are much more fun!
Y- Your Favorite Food: Lobster
Z: Zodiac: Scorpio


Kris said...

When shooting guns indoors, it's always best to use the LOW POWER AMMO, for sure.

Thanks for clearing that up.

I'm glad you survived the snow day, Eleanor makes me laugh. Good luck on the mouse hunt!

Courtney said...

You want to borrow our cat? Or our dog for that matter. They could make quick work of any mice.

Cindy said...

I like the tags that tell us about each other. Thanks for playing along!

I'm going to have to tell Chad about the shooting guns indoors! That's hilarious!

Dawn said...

Kristen used to watch that Shirley Temple movie so often that she knew the whole script. Snow days with 5 kids in a small place? Yikes!!!

I'll try to get to the tag -

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