Monday, February 04, 2008

And the comments begin

I was asked by a woman on Sunday if I was sure I wasn't having twins. I know the dress I wore made me look big, but I didn't think it made me look THAT big! Bless the heart of my dental hygienist who told me today that I look great and I seem small for how far along I am. It all depends on the clothes you wear I think.

Matt met Tagg Romney last Friday. One of Tagg's stops in Maine was at the Governor's restaurant in Bangor. Tagg shook hands and talked with everyone there to see him and he talked to the gathering as a whole before leaving.

I finally made it to Emily & Zoe's basketball practices on Saturday. Emily's dribbling has improved a lot! Zoe is looking very confident with a basketball and she remembers what she has been taught in previous years and uses those skills.

I watched President Hinckley's funeral Saturday afternoon at home on our computer with Kate. Matt was at our local caucus and Zoe, Emily, Eleanor, and Zach were still with my parents. It was such a nice funeral. I enjoyed all the funny stories and memories about him, but it was sad to see President Hinckley's empty chair and to say goodbye to him.

My mom and I went shopping last Saturday afternoon after the funeral with Zoe, Emily, and Eleanor. We went to eat at the Weathervane before heading over to Walmart for Valentines, diapers, and a new dress for Kate's 1 year picture, which I'm hoping to schedule for this Saturday. The girls brought their own money and had fun shopping for something to buy. Eleanor had the least amount of money and wanted the most expensive things! She ended up with a coloring book (which my mom bought) and a container of mini m&ms.

I love it when my children have sweet moments with each other. This morning Kate was hanging out in her carseat while I was getting ready for the day when Eleanor went up to her, gave her a big kiss, and said "I love you!". Kate made a happy noise and Eleanor announced happily "Kate said she loves me more!" Sweet.
Whenever Kate looks like she is going to stand up on her own or take a step, her siblings are right there cheering her on. Kate took 1 step today for my dad and then she took 3 tiny steps this evening that we all witnessed!
And whenever Zach is near his potty chair, his siblings are right there encouraging him to use the potty...which usually he doesn't, but it's sweet to hear the kids get excited for him and to cheer him on.


Kris said...

Those sweet sibling moments are the best! My favorite too.

I hope the nice pregnancy comments outweigh the not-as-nice ones - it can get old, being 'commented on!'

We're excited for the big announcement on Wednesday.....

Phae-Jae said...

Good job you guys, Romney won Maine! Not that you would hear that on the news:(

It's Super Tuesday! Whoot

I'd never, ever tell someone they look like they are carrying twin...ever!:)

Janae said...

Oh, those dreaded pregnancy comments. I used to get the twin thing a lot with my last pregnancy...really annoying! I thin some people forget what it feels like to have to hear the comments!
Cute Eleanor:) I too love those sweet moments, they make it all worth it:) Yeah for Mitt in Maine! It looks like Matt had fun getting that picture:)

Katie said...

That is so cute that your kids are so loving. Ry will sometimes do that to Ella and I love it. Other times though, he's such a tease to her. But I will say, She can totally dish it out to him too. sounds like Kate is almost a full on walker...and then the fun really begins.

mindyluwho said...

I once had a lady ask me if I was retaining water and when I said yes, she said that I looked like I was. Darn those people who can't keep their comments to themselves!

First steps are such a joy to watch!