Saturday, February 23, 2008

If only the living room would stay clean

It has been a different kind of day, which was nice. My Mom came over in the late morning to play phase 10 with me & Zoe before taking Zoe to a basketball game at the Bangor auditorium. It's tournament week for the high school teams, which is a big deal around here. Zoe loves to watch basketball games, so she is a fun one to take to the tourney games.
Emily & Eleanor left just after Zoe & my Mom to go swimming at our local university with Emily's friend from school who has a younger sister who is Eleanor's age. Eleanor had never met this sister before, but she was more than willing to make a new friend and she had a great time. Her new friend has short hair, which just baffled Eleanor because Eleanor is in favor of long hair. Eleanor told me when she got home that her friend looks like a boy...but talks like a girl...she looks like a boy...but she IS a girl. Hairdos can make you question sometimes.

Kate slept all afternoon while Zach played on the computer and I vacuumed & dusted the living room. It really needed a good cleaning and this afternoon was a good opportunity to clean without too many interruptions and messes being made while I cleaned. It always feels good after I clean something, but it gets done after a lot of procrastination and dread.

Zoe & Emily are sleeping over at my parents' house tonight, so after getting Eleanor, Zach, & Kate to sleep, Matt & I watched "Martian Child" (my free Movie Gallery rental :-). When I was at the store and saw the preview for this movie and saw that John & Joan Cusack are in it, I had to rent it. And it was good.


Kris said...

What a fun end of the vacation from school! Have a good weekend.

mindyluwho said...

I know that good feeling from cleaning. This morning I spent 4 hours cleaning my downstairs. I made each of the older kids help for an hour and it's now spotless...if only it would stay that way!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

Janae said...

I too wish it could stay cleaner longer than 10 minutes~! I guess we just have to be glad for even the 10 minutes and relish in that accomplishment:)