Friday, February 01, 2008

Diaper issues

After doing 2 loads of laundry this morning, I noticed that the back of Zach's pants were all wet. He has been drinking a lot of milk the last few days and I guess his cheap diaper couldn't handle the amount of pee produced from all that milk. Later on I noticed poop oozing out the top of Kate's pants. I was so glad I noticed it before she rubbed up against something causing a bigger mess to clean up! So much for being caught up on laundry.

I went visiting teaching this evening with my friend, Esther. Usually the lady we visit has her 3 grandkids (boys) ages 1,2,& 3 at her house so it is quite a noisy, eventful visit. But this evening we were able to visit this lady and her husband in a quiet, cozy home and it was very nice.

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