Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A mouse in the house

Zoe was not sounding like herself this morning. Matt, Emily, Zoe, and I were talking about our future house and Zoe brought up the fact that she will miss this house and asked if we would miss it. My immediate answer is no...but maybe I would. She mentioned that she would miss stubbing her toes all the time...I doubt it (we all frequently stub our toes on furniture and things because there is stuff everywhere and little space to move in). And she said she would miss sharing a room with Zach.
Will she miss the mouse I just saw go under the stove???
Matt is now shooting at the mouse. No luck. He is now preparing the mouse trap.

Kate had her 1 year check-up today. She is doing well. She has a slight umbilical hernia that the doctor was not concerned about and said would heal on its own. I will have them check it again during her 18 month check-up. She weighs 22 pounds which puts her in the 65th percentile and she is 28 1/2 inches which puts her in the 25th percentile. Maybe Zach won't be the only short child in our family after all.

My deep cleaning urge has passed and now I'm in the mood to scrapbook. I finally typed up Kate's blessing today, which happened March 18th of last year, and I put it in our family scrapbook. It felt good to accomplish that! My mom and I went out this evening and she bought some paper for me, so now I can finish our 2007 book and start 2008. :-)

Eleanor and Zach imagined our hallway was water this afternoon and dragged out boxes from their room to use as boats. Kate had a great time crawling from "boat" to "boat".

And I took a few more pictures of Kate standing on her own this evening.

It was like Christmas today when I found Emily & Eleanor's Littlest Pet Shop toys in the diaper bag. I should hide toys more often and dig them out when the kids are craving new toys. I think they would be just as excited and it would save me money and space. Speaking of the diaper bag, cleaning it out is on my list of things to do since there are a few baby girl items in there that I don't need anymore and can pass on to someone who does. It's weird to think that I don't need baby girl items anymore, that I don't need to hang on to them, but it's fun too. I like to simplify, so it's nice to get the clothes we don't need anymore out of the house, and to know that they won't come back. It's also weird to think that Kate is our last girl, so I am soaking up the remainder of her baby days. They will go too quickly!

There is a good chance that tomorrow will be a snow day. Wish me luck!


Kris said...

What does Matt use to shoot mice in the house?? We get mice too, I don't know why they creep me out so much, but they do. But then I feel bad when they are (dead) in the trap. Even though I set the trap. And hoped to catch them.

Kate looks very proud of the standing! She is so cute. I am so impressed that you are ready for your 2008 scrapbooking! I still need to finish 2004... you are a great record keeper.

I love the forgotten toys too! I do purposely hide the kids' toys and it is awesome to pull out something they haven't seen for a couple of months - fun for them AND me!

Cindy said...

She's such a cutie! I don't think I'd miss the mouse either! I like your "forgotten toys" too. It would be a great idea to find them for awhile.

Matt said...

Kris I use the .22, but with pretty low power ammo. The bullet didn't even go through the floor, just put a little groove in the vinyl and then bounced up into the wall, and then off the wall into side of the washing machine. I think what I will miss about the trailer is being able to shoot guns indoors.

Kristy said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I finally had a chance to visit yours. I love it! Your kids are so cute! I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

Dawn said...

I must have missed the announcement that the baby is a boy!

Kristen needs to hide toys, too. I've suggested it, but so far it has not happened.