Friday, February 08, 2008

Eye makeover

The other day Eleanor said to me, "Mommy, look at my new eyeball!"

Cute. And then before we knew it, she had two new eyeballs.

And then Zach had to join in the fun...monkey see, monkey do.

Although he wasn't willing to go completely over the eye. It's hard to see that way!

Emily had a field trip yesterday to our local grocery store. Her class has been learning about nutrition, so the other day she asked me if I would stop putting junk food in her lunch box. I agreed and then a minute later she said, you can put one junk food in. Okay. She has been looking forward to her field trip all week, so I thought she would come home happy yesterday, but instead she was very sad and said she had a bad day. The field trip went well, but she had trouble with a girl on the bus who insisted on sitting with Emily and then wouldn't let Emily change seats. This same girl hit Emily in the nose with her lunch box earlier in the week. When I asked Emily if she'd like me to talk with her bus driver about this girl, Emily said, "NO!" in a mortified voice. We'll see if this girl gives her anymore problems. She also said that no one would play with her at recess. It was so sad to hear her say that. I hope she is having a better day today.

We had fun officially celebrating Kate's birthday last night.

Who doesn't love Magtastik?!

There's a glimpse of Eleanor here encouraging Kate to open the beautiful heart paper present! And here is Kate trying out her cute shoes that were in that pretty box that squeak when she walks. Everyone loves them!

And here is Kate wanting to play with her new stuffed dog that Jerry & Judy gave her, but Zach has decided that he likes it too, so too bad for you Kate!

Let's get to the good stuff.

And then my camera battery dies...right before Kate blows out her candle. We managed to get the battery charged enough to capture the aftermath.

And then Matt gave her the traditional 1 year old bath that comes after the fun cake eating.
You can click here to read Matt's post about the fun birthday celebration. We had fun celebrating with you, Kate!


Gabriela said...

Happy Birthday Kate!!!

What's a magtastick? I think I have to investigate. Maybe Pedro needs one for his birthday. And some shoes-he has none!

She's so cute!

dawnae said...

Happy Birthday baby Kate! She is adorable in the cake mess.