Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Matt had us up at 5:30 this morning because he didn't change the time on the alarm clock from Sunday morning. I could have stayed in bed for another 1/2 hour. I will be checking the time of the alarm tonight!

Zoe & Emily both made it to school today, although Emily almost stayed home because of a sore throat. But I had her get ready for school and by the time it was time to catch the bus, she wanted to go to school. When she got home she said she was glad to be back at school and sounded like she had a good day...even with the sore throat.

Eleanor was stuffed up a bit this morning and when she was drinking her chocolate milk, she claimed it kept going in her nose. Emily didn't believe her and told her so. So Eleanor told us to watch her as she took a drink of her milk, blew out her stuffy nose and said, "See!".

I exercised today. I couldn't help myself. I caught the exercise bug at the activity, so I have set a goal to exercise 3 times a week. I am using a pregnancy workout video that has a 20 minute salsa dance segment, a 20 minute yoga fat burn, a 6 minute labor & delivery prep segment, and an 8 minute prenatal stretch & relax segment. I did the 20 minute salsa dance segment today. I am taking your advice and exercising only a little bit. I had fun exercising and I felt so good after. I tried to get Eleanor to exercise with me, but she chose to sit and watch. Matt reminded me that Eleanor used to like exercising. When I exercised when I was pregnant with Zach, Eleanor would copy me. It would crack us up because she would stick her belly out because she was used to seeing women with big bellies exercising! How could I forget her exercising in the middle of Sacrament meeting in the aisle? It was so funny!

Emily has library on Monday, so she brought home a new book today. It is a book about fish. She loves to bring home books that have real life pictures and facts about the animal. We have learned about snakes and panda bears and now we look forward to fish.

Matt brought home money today, yay! I was in the bedroom putting away laundry when one of the children brought me a wad of cash, and then minutes later another child came in with more cash, and then a few minutes later another child came in with even more cash. Sweet! A little while later Matt asked Zoe to set the table, which she replied, "No thank you", but Emily happily volunteered, so Matt jokingly gave her a wad of cash for setting the table. Emily immediately ran down the hall to put the cash in her piggy bank. And I immediately called her back because I know that child and she can have something in her hand one minute and then not know where it is the next. Sorry, we have not raised the price of chores THAT much!

Since I don't have a car during the day, I have been asking my Dad to deposit money in my account when Matt gets paid. So I went over to my parents' home this evening to give my Dad some money to deposit and of course to play a game of Phase 10 with my Mom. It is always nice to play a game in the evening with no children to interrupt, insist on playing too (Zoe), or sit on our laps and try to steal our cards (Kate!).


Kris said...

Yay for payday! and exercising (cautiously)!

Kristy said...

Good job on exercising! I need to start up again. My 20 year class reunion is coming up this summer so I have to get into some kind of shape!

Jenn said...

Hmmmm, maybe I should exercise too :)

thanks for visiting my blog today!

and congrats on taco Bill!!


Gabriela said...

Way to go with the exercise. With Pedro I had a yoga dvd I liked a lot-it was relaxing.

Yay for payday!

Janae said...

Your exercising dvd sounds like a fun one. I think if you are cautious you will be fine:) Yeah for payday! I love Matt's way of bringing home the cash!

Katie said...

I love payday... sadly, is seems to come around NOT NEARLY enough. Im impressed with your exercising. I need to get off my butt and do a little my self! So does taco bill have any potential names, becuase taco bill is actualy starting to really grow on me!