Friday, February 29, 2008

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It wasn't snowing when we got up this morning, so Zoe & Emily had school. :-)
Thanks for the boy names to consider!

This morning Eleanor asked Zach if he loved her and he said yes. Then Emily asked him if he loved her and he said, "No, I love Eleanor."

We got to listen to Eleanor & Emily fight this morning. It had something to do with one of them standing on the other's chair and drawing pictures with their fingers on the windows behind their chairs in the living room. I wasn't paying much attention, but I noticed Eleanor standing on a chair so I told her to get down. Matt & I laughed when she yelled, "No! She's ruining my life!"
Then a little later Emily was annoyed with Eleanor because Eleanor kept coughing everywhere, including on Emily. Emily couldn't resist telling Eleanor that she was annoying and gross. During Emily's prayer, she prayed that Eleanor would learn to cover her mouth when she coughs!

Eleanor said her prayer the other day in a song. She started out saying her prayer, but by the end of it she was singing her prayer and Matt & I had to laugh. She is such a character! Tonight Matt told Eleanor that he hopes she becomes a cheerleader (I don't think he expected to say that to any of his daughters). But she has such spirit and energy that the cheering squad could definitely benefit from her enthusiasm. Eleanor thought being a cheerleader was silly since it is just a costume (Zoe was a cheerleader for Halloween, so cheerleader=Halloween costume to Eleanor).

Eleanor & Zach were playing with a baby doll this afternoon that can cry, coo, and sleep. The baby doll was crying, so the obvious thing to do according to Eleanor & Zach was to scream at the baby to GO TO SLEEP! After yelling this a few times, the baby DID go to sleep and Eleanor exclaimed, "Hey! It worked!" Well a sleeping baby is no fun to play with so then they tried to wake the baby up by yelling, "Wake up Steve!" (which I think they got from Blue's Clues) and when the yelling didn't work, they threw the baby around and when that didn't work, they went back to the yelling. No luck, so Eleanor said to Zach, "Let's not try to wake up the baby anymore." And Zach replied, "Okay." If only Kate would remain asleep through all that yelling, she would have definitely woken up.

We looked at scrapbooks that I have done over the years today and Eleanor kept noticing toys in the pictures that we don't have anymore. She wanted to know WHY we didn't have all of these toys anymore. When it was explained that we live in a small house and we don't have room to keep every single toy that was ever bought or given to us she replied, "We need a BIG house so we can keep all the toys we get for Christmas!"

Emily had a dentist appointment this afternoon, so my Dad came over to watch Zoe, Eleanor, Zach, & Kate and let me use his car. Thanks again, Dad! On the way to the dentist, Emily asked me if they give shots in high school. I wondered where this question came from and asked Emily why she was concerned about this. One of the episodes of "Saved by the bell" that they watched last night while my Mom was watching the kids was about the students receiving a shot at school. She was quite relieved when I told her that she would not be getting a shot at school when she went to high school. Poor thing, I think she was really stressed about that. I'm glad she brought it up. I didn't mention the tetanus shot she'll get when she's 15...she really doesn't need to worry about that for the next 8 years!

While waiting for Emily at the dentist's office, I started a book that my grandmother gave me called "A Tradition of Pride" by Janet Dailey. I've never read anything by this author, but my grandmother loves her and I think it's going to be a good book.

While I was gone, Kate practiced walking to Zoe on her own! Matt & I each walked with her a bit yesterday while holding on to her hands and already today she has decided to try it on her own. She walked a bit by herself this evening too. She walks slow and cautiously, but it's progress!

This afternoon was Emily's turn to wash the dishes after school, but we left for the dentist soon after she got home, so the dishes were still dirty. When we pulled into the driveway she observed, "I can't do the dishes because the sun is setting." Interesting, does that mean I don't have to do the dishes after dinner anymore???

This evening Kate ruined the glasses that Eleanor made yesterday. When Eleanor noticed her ruined glasses, she immediately set out to solve the mystery of who ruined her glasses. When Matt offered a hint that it was probably a younger sibling, Eleanor replied with no doubt, "It was Kate, she's always ripping things." Good thinking Eleanor.

I went to the grocery store this evening to pick up a few things and I was once again annoyed at the dimming of the lights an hour before closing. I'm sure they do it to save money since not a lot of people shop there between 8 and 9pm, but it annoys me every.single.time I am there when the lights get dimmed. I heard one lady ask a worker if the store was closing. It does make you feel like you need to rush and the store will be closing soon, although since I am in the know that there is still an hour left to shop I don't rush, but I still get annoyed!


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