Wednesday, February 06, 2008


We received today what I thought was a bill that we have made payments on since 2006 when Zach broke his leg, not consistently, but we pay $20 here, $30 there and just last month we received a bill from them encouraging us to keep making payments since it had been several months since our last payment. Well, our balance is now crossed out on this bill and there is a sweet $0 in the amount due box and a note that reads: "Thank you for your payments. However, Dr. _______ has chosen to write-off the remaining balance where the private practice closed. Happy New Year! ________. I love these blessings! Matt wondered if we put this doctor out of business...probably too many patients like us who couldn't afford their bill and were barely making payments...who knows, but I'm happy to not have this debt anymore. And I'm happy that in the last month we have paid off 5 medical debts. :-)

Emily brought home a traveling pet from school today..."Love-a-lot"

This is her 3rd pet that she has brought home to spend a night and then bring back to school the next day. Her first pet was Curious George. There were a few Curious George books that she brought home as well that she could read to her pet. And there was a journal that she wrote about herself in. The second pet came before Christmas and was called "Holiday Holly". Emily wrote a little bit about Christmas in the journal that came home with this pet. This is what Emily wrote in "Love-a-lot's" journal about what she loves..."I love my Family. I love love-a-lot. I love my sistrs. I love my staft aninmals. I love Mis O'Roak."

Kate was on a roll taking steps this evening. She kept taking 4-5 steps over and over again from me to the ottoman. It was fun to watch her, she loves the attention she gets when she walks!


Dawn said...

What a blessing!!

Okay - time for a picture of your pregnant self!

Janae said...

Yeah Kate! It is always so fun to watch those first steps. What a blessing on the medical bill:) It sounds like Emily has a really fun teacher this year. She is making it fun by doing the "extras" I love having teachers like that for my kids!