Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome to our home

Zach wanted to take a bath this afternoon, so I let him. Then Eleanor climbed in, too. I removed the soap, shampoo, and conditioner so they wouldn't empty them during their play, and with the curtain closed, they had lots of fun. I checked on them often, but apparently not often enough from what I saw the last time I went in.

Zach was filling his cup and dumping the water on the rug. The rug was soaked! And the toilet paper that fell off the counter was soaked, too. Bath time was over despite Zach's protest!

PJ invited her readers to share 13 random things around their homes. I had so much fun looking at the pictures she posted and reading about them that I have to participate, too. My first picture is the one above, focusing on the tub area. It is the one area in our home that reminds me that we live in a condemned trailer. The shower walls are disgusting and they look worse than the ones we replaced many years ago. The tub is sinking and pulling apart from the wall. I have no desire to put money into this problem. I'd rather use the money to pay off a debt. I long for the day when I step into our new shower in our new house!

The next item is our computer. It gets A LOT of use. Everyone is attracted to it.

Then we have our First Grade Hand prints. Zoe's is on the left and Emily's is on the right.

Our hat and mitten box, which yes, is still in use. Our green tub full of boots and shoes is behind it, and the toy box to the right. Add the coats above and you've got yourself an area that never looks tidy! A mudroom is a must in our new house.

Scrapbooks! Many hours of work, but worth it.

The board! Don't get caught sneaking out of your room at bedtime. It is also used when Kate is taking a nap during the day.

I question other people who still have their Christmas decorations up, but yet we still have these lights hanging in the kids' room...because Zach is afraid of the dark.

Oh to have windows that don't need to be opened with vise grips! And sadly only a few of our windows actually open. Oh and notice the writing on the wall. No writing on the new walls!

I'm not one that needs a huge closet, but one bigger than this would be nice.

The carseat that Kate has outgrown and is awaiting the new arrival.

Our attractive, gray folding chairs...and 3 high chairs/booster seats!

Library books! It's nice to have children's library books in our house again. I used to keep them in the girls room in a basket, but since Kate is in the ripping books stage, they are now up high in the living room where she can't reach them.

Don't leave home without a duck or crow call...and a gun! And having a salt stencil above your door is a must.

And this sums it up.

Some other random notes...

Kate now nods her head yes when we ask her if she wants something and she does. And I'm pretty sure she said "no" today. Now that she's a walker, I'm focusing on her talking. She tries to say "all done" when she is done eating, which is so cute.

Eleanor calls Zach "a poopy head" when she is mad at him now.

Zoe took the bus to my parents' home this afternoon, so she could ride to Achievement night with my mom. It really makes a difference around here when one child is away.

Matt & I met with Emily's teacher this evening for a parent/teacher conference. She had nothing but wonderful things to say about Emily. "Emily is a delight" was one thing she said. She is self-motivated and always does her best. Emily is considerate of her classmates and helps them when she notices they are having trouble with something. The teacher's one concern was Emily's headaches. Emily hasn't complained lately about them, but her teacher will continue to watch for signs that Emily has one and continue to document when Emily sees the nurse for them.

Esther watched the kids while we went to the conference and then Esther & I went visiting teaching. We had a very nice visit. The good news of the visit was hearing that this sister's daughter who has breast cancer, no longer has it. The last tests showed nothing. The power of prayer!

And the day wouldn't be complete without getting pulled over for a tail light out. Waiting for the cop gave me an opportunity to dig out all the old insurance cards from the glove box, and luckily I had the current one in my coat pocket!


Phae-Jae said...

That was a fun tour:) We have a mitten basket too, but fortunately it has been pushed to the back of the closet until next year!

Rachelle said...

That was a fun tour of your house!