Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 4 of Potty Training

Zach went the entire day dry! (except for a minor wetness right before bedtime) He was willing to go potty every half hour today and he peed every time. :-)

Kate has discovered the fun of "Ring around the Rosie". The older girls go slow with her, but Zach whips her around and she laughs as they tumble to the floor. She is pretty much walking all the time now.

Zoe's Paper Mache Pluto is done and she'll be taking it to school tomorrow, along with her typed report that she will read to her class. That is if she is feeling well in the morning. She threw up before she went to bed. Sickness or nerves???
Click on over to Matt's blog to see Zoe's project.

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Janae said...

I am so glad Zach is "getting it" that is so great for you and he both:)