Saturday, March 29, 2008


Soiled Pampers Rest In Nasty Garbage...After reading PJ's Friday Feast where she had to come up with a sentence using the letters in the word Spring, I just had to come up with one of my own, so there it is.
It has been snowing lightly on this fine Spring day and it is still snowing. Many people here are tired of the snow and expect it to stop since it is Spring, but I know better, and really most of them should, too. May = Spring around here in my opinion and I think on May 1st we will celebrate the beginning of Spring. Spring is in the air now at times and we may have Spring-like days here and there, but the snow comes, too and I've stopped expecting it not to. And I must admit that I like the snow better in the Spring because it is warm enough to get out and enjoy it and it goes away quickly. Although I did enjoy the snow in the trees this winter. That is just beautiful, until the snow melts from the trees and you are left with brown snow along the roads and ice. Matt just helped my mom get her car unstuck in our driveway...winter woes have changed into Spring woes...Spring according to the calendar.

I was folding laundry in my room this afternoon when Eleanor came in with a big sigh.
Me: "What is the sigh for?"
Eleanor: "Because I'm 4."
Me: "What's wrong with being 4?"
Eleanor: "It takes so long!"
Spoken from a very impatient little girl who longs for her 5th birthday in May. A very social, free-spirited little girl who longs to go to school with her older sisters. I long for it, too Eleanor and it will be here before we know it, even though it feels forever away.

Tonight was my 4th evening to be out this week. My mom & I escaped to Enrichment meeting where we had a yummy dinner, listened to a menopause presentation from a sister who is finishing nursing school, did some yoga, and then ate cake. It was a very nice evening with the ladies of our branch.


Kris said...

Funny Eleanor. I'm glad you got to go to Enrichment, that sounds fun. I liked seeing the pictures from yesterday... although that wet toilet paper was a real mess. I've experienced the dumping water out on the bathroom rug too! What is up with that!?

It's good you have such a good (realistic) outlook on "Spring"! We had snow yesterday, the kids made a snowman in the morning and by 1:00 the rest of the snow was already melted.

Dawn said...

Springtime in Colorado is "warm, cold, warm, cold . . ." as Care Bear calls it - a pattern. She's learning that in kindergarten math. Too cute.

I had to laugh at the picture of bath time. FEisty and Care Bear do the same thing when they bathe at my house - water all over the floor no matter how many times I object - and wasting the shampoo - must be in the kid genes!

Enjoyed the tour of your condemned trailer. I remember the first time Kristen told me about her blog friend who lives in a condemned trailer in the woods of Maine. I have much admiration for you being able to keep life moving along in order with that many people in a fairly small space. Is your house in progress?