Sunday, March 16, 2008

One of those church days

Zach throws a major tantrum during the Sacrament because he didn't get to put his cup in the tray where it is supposed to go, after he tried putting it back where he got it.

Zach let's me know that he needs to go potty after we get settled back into the chapel after the tantrum, so I take him out again and he goes pee on the potty. :-)

Eleanor, Zach, Kate, and I are listening to the last talk during Sacrament meeting in the Primary room after Zach goes pee on the potty...Zach gets a look on his face that makes me wonder if he is pooping and sure enough we go into the bathroom and see that he has pooped in his underwear. I clean him up while Eleanor is demanding that I help her wash her hands and Kate is crying because she wants to be picked up. Sacrament meeting is over as we exit the bathroom.

2nd hour summary: No nursery leader...need to find a substitute. Come up with a snack for nursery and the CTR 4 & 5 class since the subs don't have a snack for the kids. Kate is cranky. Aimee tries to get Kate to sleep, but has no luck. I need to finish preparing my Sharing Time, the Singing Time activity, assign scripture, talk, and prayers for next Sunday, write down what is happening today for prayers, scripture, talk, and prayers. Aimee tells me I need a backpack for Kate. I remember there is one in the car, so she goes to get it. We get Kate settled into it, but she doesn't like it. I have Matt take Kate out of the backpack a few minutes later and he takes her with him into his office. I complete everything I need to do. I get Kate back after I walk by Matt's office and Kate, Kate cries, so the nursery sub picks Kate up and I take Kate from the sub.

3rd hour summary: Kate is still cranky. Esther, who usually gets Kate asleep for me during the 3rd hour is not at church today. I do Sharing Time while at times Kate clings to me and at other times she is entertained by Tasha. We have 2 new boys from the Philippines in our Primary and today was their first day. They are good and smart, but they are boys...we are used to a Primary with mostly girls. I am still trying to get their names down. While I help Jenny read a scripture during closing exercises and I hold Kate, Kate makes all the kids laugh and Jenny thinks she is making them laugh. Emily does a great job giving her talk. She does very well reading my writing that I had written in a hurry in the morning, not thinking that she would be reading it. I had told one of the nursery subs that Zach is potty training and that I would be in to check on him, but I never do. Zach stays dry all through nursery. :-)

This was Kate's first Sunday walking around by herself and everyone had fun watching her.

We go to Jessica's baptism after church (a Primary child). Zach declares he needs to go potty right after Jessica is baptized. Zach decides he wants to go potty without the Dora insert. He climbs up on the potty and goes pee. More progress...he doesn't need the insert anymore. :-) Zach LOVES to flush the toilet and the toilets at church are fun for Zach to flush because they are fast and loud. So Zach finds any excuse to flush them. He wipes himself then flushes. He sits on the toilet many times in a row to pee, sometimes peeing, sometimes not and flushes. He is on a roll and Kate is trying to play with the toilet paper and she is crying because I won't let her. I leave Zach in the bathroom to give Kate to Matt, who is at the other end of the building. I go back to Zach, who is now ready to get his pants on (after I had tried to convince him for the last 5 minutes!) and is hollering to me. We finally leave the bathroom. I am ready for the progress of going potty without having to totally undress from the waist down, especially when shoes are being worn! I miss the talk on the Holy Ghost and the confirmation and everyone is pretty much gone by the time we make it back to the cultural hall. I find Matt and Kate in the clerk's office counting tithing and I rescue a crying Kate.

The kids and I eat in the kitchen with the Speranza's while we wait for Matt. Then we end up in the nursery where most of the kids are pretending to be cats. We finally leave church around 3:30pm.


Kris said...

Wow, I bet you were TIRED! What a day. You are a trooper.

Cindy said...

You are such a good mom! Those days are so tough!

Ave said...

That is insane, I think I would have run screaming after the poop in the underwear bit. God definitely gives us all different gifts doesn't he. I am always bringing extra snacks for the littlest kids, I wish there was some way to secure a cupboard so that food wouldn't get stolen during the week. Any ideas?

Phae-Jae said...

Very just keeps going and going:)

Hope you were able to find some time to REST;D

Anonymous said...

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Janae said...

I had one of these kind of Sundays too...sometimes it is hard to want to get back on the bandwagon for next week! Here's hoping for better Sundays this next week:)