Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Emily started off her morning with a fall out of her chair while drinking her chocolate milk. I think she went to lean on the chair that is usually beside the one she was sitting in, but it wasn't there. She ended up with a minor cut on her chin. It was so sad to hear her sobbing as the other kids were laughing because she fell. They did quit laughing eventually when they realized that she was crying.

Emily made sure she had plenty of green on today. She was concerned that she didn't have green socks, but I assured her that it was okay to wear socks that weren't green. When she came out of the bathroom after getting ready, Matt & I noticed that she had blood on her shirt and realized that it was from the cut on her chin. I asked Emily if she had another green shirt to wear and pointed out the blood. I'm so glad she had another green shirt to wear because it would have devastated her if she didn't have a green shirt to wear to school.
Emily pinched me this afternoon for not wearing green. And she confessed that she didn't wear the purple sweater today that she normally wears to school because well, it's purple. She is really taking this green day seriously!

Zach is doing great going pee on the potty (he only had one accident today) and he often just goes into the bathroom without telling me and goes pee. But there is more progress to be made with the poop. He pooped on the floor today in the kids' room. I'm going to make 2 new sticker charts, 1 for pee and 1 for poop and see if that motivates him.

We watched an episode of "Survivorman" this evening with the kids before they went to bed. It took place in the desert. I was on the computer while watching the episode and Eleanor came over to me and said, "Dad says when we go to Utah, he'll take us to the desert! Will you come with us?
Me: "Yes."
Eleanor: "Yay! There's food there. Do you like to eat worms?" (It was cute how sincere she asked the question.)
Me: "No."
Eleanor: "How about the red things?" (Scorpions)
Me: "No."
Eleanor: "Does Dad like the red things?"
Me: "You'll have to ask him."
So Eleanor goes to talk with Matt. She comes back a while later and informs me that we can bring our own backpack of food, like fruit snacks and cheez-its and toast if we can. Apparently the critters of the desert didn't appeal to her either and she seemed quite relieved that we could eat our own food.


Janae said...

Poor Emily~I am glad she had another green shirt too:) Ava also took the very pretty seriously. I am so glad that Eleanor will not be eating scorpions and worms on her visit to the desert:)

Sammie-J said...

Congrats to Zack, you're so lucky, I'm still not having much luck with my 2 year old.
I don't know how you can watch that show, it scares me.
Hope you had a great St. Patty's day!