Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter is coming!

Not only has Kate become a walker, but she is a climber now, too. This is her new favorite spot.

Eleanor likes to play hide and seek with Kate behind the coats.

Matt & I were planning on being at a Stake Leadership training this evening, but it has been postponed until next week because of the snowy/rainy weather. We took advantage of this family night to color Easter eggs. The kids had a great time and all the eggs came out nice...except the one that Emily dropped on the floor before she had a chance to color it.

Emily loves coloring Easter eggs and looks forward to it every year. She's the one we count on to remind us to do it!

We thought Kate might throw a tantrum from not being able to participate, but she was content to watch her siblings.

Zach liked the green color and was starting to look like the incredible hulk when we were done.

Zach really got into this activity and was not happy when we were done. He wanted to color some more!

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Cindy said...

Happy (late)Birthday Zoe! 9 already, that's amazing!

I love your Easter eggs. We'll do ours on Friday. We have to wait until it gets very close, or the kids will eat them!

Did you guys get snow? We were suppose to get rain, but it snowed all day and then turned to rain in the middle of the night! Maine weather is so crazy!