Friday, March 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Zach!

Matt got up early this morning to exercise. I was worried that the rowing machine would sound really loud at the crack of dawn when the rest of us were sleeping, but it wasn't bad at all. I went back to sleep when Matt got up and it didn't wake up the kids. When Zoe & Emily got up, the rowing machine was still in the middle of the floor, so they had to get on it before Matt put it away.

Zach got up after it was put away and he kept pointing to it saying he wanted to get on the boat. The rowing machine is a big hit around here!

Zach woke up to his activity cart and he loves it...and his siblings love it too!

Here he is showing off his new hammer.

Zach let everyone play with it except Kate. When Kate tried to go near it, she got knocked down.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything still sounds good with the baby. Matt was able to be at my appointment since I didn't get in until an hour after my appointment was scheduled because my doctor was at the hospital. I was content to read my book and wait (my mom watched Eleanor, Zach, & Kate). After my appointment, Matt & I went over to Pizzeria Uno for lunch. We were so happy to have a date lunch together!

We celebrated Zach's birthday at my parents' home with our family, Mom & Dad, and Donna, Doug, Philip, & Aly. Zach had been anxious all day to have cake and after hearing about presents before dinner, he was anxious to open his presents as we ate dinner. The moment finally arrived and the party began.

I sang Happy Birthday to Zach this morning when he got up, so for the rest of the day when we would say Happy Birthday to him he would say, "to you!".
Have fun being 3 Zach!


Kris said...

Happy Birthday Zach! Thank you for posting all of the cute pictures Joey! We've been thinking of you today.

Janae said...

Happy Birthday Zach! This looks like a very fun party:) hope your day was great:)