Saturday, March 08, 2008

Row row row your boat...

We all took turns on the rowing machine this morning before going about our day. Matt records the times on the internet, so we can see where we rank with the rest of the world. Zoe is ranked #40 in the world. She is really getting into this rowing and tries to beat her previous time each time she rows. Matt has started her training to be the best and she doesn't even know it. But she doesn't need to know it because she naturally has the competitive spirit within her and probably has the same goal for herself.

I took Zach to Walmart this morning to have his picture taken while my Dad took Zoe & Emily to their basketball practices. Zach has a history of crying while the lady is trying to take his picture, but today he was all smiles and very cooperative, although he refused to lay on his tummy.
I have been going to Walmart to have the kids' pictures taken since Zoe was a baby, so I know the drill, but a lot of things were different today because the studio is going digital, so the camera is different, the screen you see your picture on is different, you now only have 8 seconds to see your picture and decide if you want to keep it because then it will disappear, some prices are different, there are more options for borders and ways to make your pictures look different, and the printout you take home is different. But my sticking to the traditional package has not changed, I still get to choose my background, and the majority of the time I walk out of there having spent less than $10.
I treated Zach to the McDonald's that is in Walmart since he was so good getting his picture taken. Plus I wanted to fill his tummy before doing some shopping before going home.

I took Zoe & Emily to a birthday party from 4-6pm at a bowling alley in Bangor. That seems to be the popular birthday party around here. Bowl for an hour, eat pizza, open presents, and eat cake & ice cream. Zoe is now deciding if she wants a bowling party for her birthday. We really need to decide in the next couple of days since her birthday is only 10 days away!

Matt cut 2 inches off from Eleanor's hair this evening. I'm surprised she let him cut it, but she seems happy with it. Her hair is still plenty long, but it is more even now.

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Dawn said...

Wow, I am really behind! I haven't been over for several days. You have had a very busy week, and two birthdays so close. The rowing machine seems quite popular! Where do you store it?

I had a flashback memory when you were talking about the snow day without snow. I used to answer the phone at the school district for awhile and the huge uproar that happens either way - when they call it off and nothing happens, or they don't call it off and it gets back. You cannot please everyone!

You look cute!