Thursday, March 27, 2008


I added Zach & Kate's new birthday pictures to our wall today. I had to move all the pictures one space to the left, so there will be room in Emily's row for her new picture. The cheap frames I bought last year are not staying on the wall very well since I moved all the pictures. One of the frames fell and knocked over Zach's 1 year picture and broke the glass. My goal in the future is to have 114 NICE frames that match to put all of the kids' birthday pictures in. The pictures are 5x7, so I'd like 8x10 frames with a mat. Someday.

I'll fix Zach's row tomorrow. I'm also planning on getting Zach's birthday pictures/cards ready to be mailed out tomorrow as well. I cut the pictures today and wrote on the back of them.

Zach had a "I'm going to be as mean as I possibly can to Kate day" today. It drove me nuts!

I made a to do list for each of the kids this afternoon, so they would be completely ready for bed before my mom got here to watch them while Matt & I went to Stake Leadership training. They enjoyed checking things off their list as they got done and they were fed and ready for bed when my mom got here, so they were able to watch "Aristocats" before going to bed. After last night's bath fiasco with Zach, my mom appreciated not having to do much this evening.

During the Primary part of training this evening, we talked about children with special needs, what is going well in our Primaries, and Cub Scouting. It was a good meeting. My mom is the secretary for the Stake Primary, so she should have been there, too, but she felt it was more important for me to be there, so she volunteered to watch the kids. Yes, I have a great mom!

My shoulder was feeling better this afternoon, but after putting my coat on this evening, it is hurting again. At least I know it WILL get better eventually.


Kris said...

You do have a great mom, and you are a great mom! That's neat the kids got their 'stuff' done. How did you have an hour with Zoe's teacher?? was that parent teacher conference? we have never had more than 15 minutes... I hope your shoulder feels better quickly.

Katie said...

Thats such a cute idea to hang them all together. I tried to do it with my kids- a picture on thier birthday, but I missed Rys birthday this year... In your easter post, you daughter, Emily, I think, looks JUST like Lilli. As I was scrolling down I was surprised to see Lilli looking up at me!

Sammie-J said...

What a great idea for the pictures, I hope you have enough wall space.

Dawn said...

You're going to definitely have a bigger wall!

Dawn said...
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Janae said...

Joey, you have been so amazing with your pictures! I was so excited to finally get a picture done of Nicolette before she turned 18 give me inspiration to do better:) good luck with the wall space:)