Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Out of the blue yesterday Eleanor started talking about how I used to go to church by myself, and then I had Zoe so I went to church with Zoe, and then I had Emily so I went to church with Zoe and Emily, and then I had her so I went to church with Zoe, Emily, and her, and then I had Zach so I went to church with Zoe, Emily, her, and Zach, and then I had Kate and now we all go to church together. It amazes me how well she catches on to relationships and the order of things. She understands that her Grammie is my Mom, and her Aunt Donna is my sister. It naturally makes sense to her.

This morning while looking at the calendar, Eleanor pointed out that at the end it would be Christmas. I thought she meant the end of March, so I told her it wouldn't be Christmas, it would be April. She replied, "And then you'll die." I told her I didn't think I was going to die in April and then I asked her if she meant Christmas would come at the end of the calendar. She replied, "Yeah, and then you'll die." I asked her why I would die and she answered, "Because you'll be with Jesus and you'll die." I think she has death on her mind from watching the movie, "Finding Faith in Christ" which has scenes of Christ dying on the cross (which really had her concerned that she would die on a cross like Jesus). We talked about our spirits the other day because she was concerned about ghosts and we explained how we all have spirits in our bodies, but when we die our spirits will leave our bodies and go to the spirit world. She really absorbs information like this and remembers it.

You can read Matt's blog to learn about the new repairs our Yukon needed today. An interesting part of the story is the fact that as we passed Scott (our tow truck driver) yesterday and Matt waved and said we would count that as our Home Teaching visit, I had a brief thought that we should get STRANDED once a month so Scott could tow us out and we could count it as a Home Teaching visit, but I did not think that we needed to BREAK DOWN every month!
When Eleanor realized that Matt was staying home for the day she asked, "Daddy, why are you staying at our house?" She was a bit confused that Matt had come back after leaving to go to work because that is the routine for most days...Daddy goes to work, Zoe & Emily go to school, and Eleanor, Zach, Kate, and I stay home. So WHY is Daddy home???

Having Matt home for the day turned out to be great for me. My planned girls' night out turned into a girls day out. My Mom, Donna, and I went shopping and ate lunch at Miguel's (a new Mexican restaurant in Bangor which is not as good as the Miguel's in Bar Harbor in my opinion). But it was nice to have a peaceful lunch together and the food was good, but they didn't have the Quesadilla that I love on their menu which was disappointing.
My Mom & I went to the viewing for Aimee's mother for part of the evening and then we watched "The Game Plan" before I came home. It was a cute family movie.

Now I am up way past my bedtime and I am going to be dozing tomorrow as I am playing with Eleanor, but I'm glad I had this day and evening to spend with my Mom and sister, and I am thankful to have a husband who encourages me to get away when the opportunity is there. :-)


Kristy said...

Girl's days/nights out are always fun. I think we all need them from time to time.

Janae said...

Well, at least the bad car luck turned into good girls outings for you:) hopefully it is fixed soon:)