Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's all about the aim

Zach had another good potty day. It started out interesting as he sat on the potty this morning and started peeing before he was aiming into the potty. Zach got himself, the rug, the floor, and the laundry basket wet. So into the tub Zach went, the rug went into the washer, and I cleaned up the basket and floor. The aiming issue with boys is definitely a big difference than girls. A girl would have only peed on the potty chair and/or floor in this case. For the rest of the day when Zach went potty, he would say "not on the floor!" He is more careful now about waiting to pee until he is aiming in the potty.
I guess the effort of dressing and undressing to go potty has become too much of a chore for Zach because he spent most of the day naked. In his naked state this afternoon, he started grunting. I hurried him into the bathroom before he pooped on the floor. I must say I am looking forward to my day at the temple tomorrow. Matt will be taking over potty training duties for the day. I hope it doesn't mess up our progress.

Zoe stayed home sick today. Her stomach still hurt this morning, but she only threw up that once before bed. She was feeling much better this afternoon and was up and playing.

I have been hot most of the day and I thought I was going to burst into flames this afternoon. I remembered Eleanor being near the thermostat this morning, so I checked it and sure enough, it was set on 74 degrees!

Emily's class chose to watch 101 Dalmations II today for their class points reward. Emily has a big class and most of her classmates are boys, so I think earning these points is a huge deal. Her teacher does a great job and has a ton of patience. I'm glad Emily has her this year.


Kris said...

I hope you have a good temple day. Good luck Matt! That's too bad Zoe missed her report, darn boat fever.

Janae said...

I am glad Zach is working on the aim...that sounds very important! I am glad you are getting a temple break:) you deserve it after this week of potty training:)

Anonymous said...

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Gabriela said...

yes, boys and potty training-always a messy thing. My boys have only slightly improved over the years. And they still won't flush the potty. Grrrrr.

dawnae said...

wow way to go Zach...potty training is just so fun for all involved...good luck Matt today, and Joey have a nice day off....I sure need one of those. Glad Zoe's flu just lasted a short time.

Kristy said...

I used to put Cheerios in the toilet for my boys to aim at. They loved it and thought it was fun. It saved me from cleaning up a lot of messes back then but not now. Good luck!! Boys are hard to boys could not make it all night until they were 7 years old!!!!!